Announcing for your pleasure...

Yes, get out your crystal balls (excuse me?) tarot cards, I Ching sticks, etc., put on your thinking caps or just climb into that time machine you've been saving for a special occasion, 'cause if your prognosticatory powers are up to snuff, you could win an original Comus drawing of the transformation of your dreams, created specifically to your specific specifications!

Here's the story:

Since the Funhouse counter has long since passed the 40,002 mark (twice the 'guess-the-date' target of last year's contest, in far less time too ), this year your challenge is slightly different:

Guess what number the Funhouse counter will read on
March 9, 2002!
The date in 2000 the Funhouse officially opened for business)

The time on March 9 is whenever I first get to visit the Funhouse that day; it might be a few minutes after midnight... first thing in the morning... or maybe later on in the day. Whenever that moment turns out to be, I'll take a frame grab of the screen & post it along with the name of the winner. And now for the boring rules:

- First (and only) prize is a single, b&w pencil drawing of a human-to-animal TF, with the species & method of TF entirely up to the winner! (No x-rated TF's please.)

- The winner can choose to have the actual original drawing (8.5 x 11") sent to them via regular postal ('snail') mail, or to receive a high-quality (300 dpi or better) image file in the format of their choosing (.psd, .jpg, .etc) via E-mail. The picture created for the winner will also be posted in the appropriate (or new!) Funhouse pavillion for all to enjoy.

- Enter via E-mail only to; only one entry per person, please! People submitting multiple entries will be disqualified. If the same number - or numbers equally distant from the actual number (that should take care of last year's loophole - I don't want to have to draw 2 pictures again!) - is submitted by more than one person, the entry with the earliest date/time stamp - the one submitted first - will be the winner. If you wish, you can include a description of your desired TF image with your entry (who knows? I may like it so much I decide to draw it anyway), or later if yours turns out to be the winner.

- This is important: entries will only be accepted until March 2, 2002! This is to prevent someone from waiting until the last second to submit a no-brainer entry for the winning number just before March 9.

Good luck, all!!!