Circe's Acupuncture Clinic

Part of Circe's HMO (Human Metamorphosis Operation), her acupuncture clinic (aka 'The Porcupuncture Shop') is part of the same complex housing the Physical Therapy Clinic as well as the soon-to-open Exercise Room (where fitness fanatics will be able to bulk up like never before in the hopes of making themselves as a strong as a bull or an ox.)

One day Circe receives a new client, a somewhat on the short side fellow who has decided to give acupuncture a try in order to overcome his fear of needles and address an overall feeling of discomfort he has been feeling as of late...

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Therapy Concluded - Treatment 100% Successful!

This patient's procedure was observed by Funhouse correspondent Wolfy
who filed this exclusive report.

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