Well, what can I say, except I had the time of my life! I went there looking forward to seeing a bunch of TF friends from last year again, and making contact with a whole bunch of new folks. I decided the best way to do this was to throw a Funhouse party. I arrived the day before the con officially opened with a stack of flyers ready to post around the con.

Friday night rolled around and a whole mess of people piled into Adams Mark room 1615 to watch 3 hours of TF videos I pulled together from my own collection, not to mention numerous trips to the video stores. (The local 'Champagne Video' chain was a life (and budget) saver, with a '2 kids videos for $1.50' special!)

Not so much at the party, but more at the con in general, I was in a frenzy of TF sketchbook art trades. Thanks to all the folks who were kind enough to scan & send copies of the pictures I did for them. (& the rest of you who haven't gotten around to it yet, I'm still waiting; puh-leeeeze send them on!)

Pictures I Did
for Provolvere

for Ian Williams
for Louie Furrywolf
for Wolfy #1
fory Wolfy #2
for Eala Dubh
for - and WITH - Eala

Pictures They Did
Ian Williams '04
Ian Williams '02
(just rediscovered in the archives!)

Louie Furrywolf
(hope I spelled that right)
Roy D. Pounds
Mr. F
Cara Mittens

(more to come...)

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