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"Circe's Cure for Road Rage"
by "Axelroo"

Chapter 1: Born to be Stranded

"Well Hello! What's this?" The familiar goddess opened her eyes to vision the young man stepping outside his ill vehicle with every intent on restoring his momentum. A second vision came to her unexplainable senses. Yes, he was a tech. He could fix her problem and is surely to be a pleasant first and last time comer. "Oh yes!", she cried with excitement, "Two birds with one stone! I can't sleep past this opportunity." The bare marvel rose out of bed... literally floating to her feet. A reflection of her rare bosom and long glowing hair met itself with an expression that could only say, "I love my job!" After a sly look in the mirror she began to apply her daily oils to her naked upper-body with only a silky residue to show its existence. "Im waiting for you Mr. Fixit!"

&#*$%^ THAT!!!!!

After venting his anger on the emotionless box on wheels, he collected his thoughts and decided to head down the road with what he had; just his bookbag. The place seemed pretty much dead except for what wildlife lived in the surrounding trees. All seemed like the open road. There was a time he thought it would go on forever to nowhere 'til he walked into an S-curve. Before he came completely around the curve, several faint lights could be seen. They looked as if they were on a lower elevation. The young victim of automobile frustration made a sharper pace to see what was around the bend. After his last obstacle, he stopped to see what looked like a carnival or something. Funny it was to him that it was located in an unusual spot. Well, that is, a spot where few would ever really see it along the road. Nonetheless, there was no thinking involved upstairs. This was his salvation... or at least for the night.

"Wow! I've died and gone to Greece.", he said, and he was right. What made out to be the only entrance.... and exit, was this very entrance that kinda resembled an ancient Greek city. "I wonder if anyone is home; Hello?" Just then, a shapeless dark figure slipped by his feet just nicking his ankle. There was only a quick white whisk that knocked him several steps back and sent his heart racing in milliseconds. After realizing no harm was done, except for high blood pressure, he took action and knocked one of the pillars like a door, yelling this time, "Anybody here?". It was then a voice spoke clearly into his left ear from point blank; "I heard you the first time!". The unaware visitor turned to his left quickly meeting the fleshfull figure face to face. The young face flinched as he realized she wasn't completely... covered. After regaining sense and taking his ground after a couple steps back, he stood at attention to his host. "I'm sorry about that, my name is Circe", after the announcement, the previous figure who startled him the first time came into light as a skunk. "This is Mr. Airwick; he was just checking you out.", he said warmly she reached down to pick him up and stroke him. "My name is Axel and", being interrupted by the preempting bare host -- "You are Axel and your truck has broken down somewhere down the road and you need help or some alternative means of transportation to anonymous destination. Yes, nice to meet you; Am I right?", she questioned with a smile. "How did you know?", he answered. "You can always tell a fake from a real psycick... and I can tell you the answer is "yes".... but I need something from you", she appended while gently wiping her hands across his face. "Wha, wha…" he stuttered, trying to obtain her intent; "What would that be?"

The graceful face smiled and with a shiny finger pointed over to his client. "That's the Roo-Go-Round ride. One of the few rides we have and lately it has refused to function. I don't know the first thing about mechanical-techie do-hickies, but something tells me you do," she explained. Axel blushed only saying, "I guess I can." The fair woman looked back him grinning; "No, I know you can. I can't help fix your vehicle but in exchange and I can provide you with a formidable form of transportation. So....?", she said welcomingly, while holding out her hand. Axel began to think but it stopped at the fact that he didn't have much of a choice. "Okay, deal," he said while shaking hands warmly with hers. "Tonight though?", he questionably appended. Madame Circe laughed, "No, silly, You can spend the night here upstairs in the main cabin," she replied. "Great, show me the way and get to work on it, first thing," he accepted while looking at the Ride with an interesting look. Circe noticed his expression while looking at the Roo-Go-Round. "See anything you like?", she said slyly. Axel blushed, but what he would usually deny and lie about was becoming very hard in front of this enchanting mistress. "You don't have to say it. The details, the long feet and tail. You like roos don't you", she added. Axel inside was embraced and ready to deny it again but something strange was burning to force the truth from his mouth. "Yes I do." Circe grinned brightly with delight. "Well don't you worry, Axel. You'll get to be meet them tomorrow morning, that's for sure," she ended. And with both sides agreeing they both turned and entered the main tent and tucked in for the night.

Chapter 2: "A Midnight Summer's Scheme"

15 minutes later...

"I swear to Zeus! You are so impatient!", Circe complained, but not angrily. A familiar English voice joined in on the political fray, "Ah common! I wasn't going to " --, the road-striped figure froze in his tracks after catching his master's expression which literally meant "B.S.".... "Alright, so I was going to... but... please, can I have this one too? I can't get enough friends to stick around for long!". The amused goddess cracked a smile and laughed till she was able to address Mr. Airwick again. "This one?... out of how many in a row these last few weeks? It's no wonder Saurina is getting depressed! Personally, I don't think they weren't all meant to be skunks. They could have made some nice animals I haven't done in years!", Circe was in bliss for a moment at the thought of the people she transformed in the past.

Circe's answer appeared negative to Mr. Airwick's plead but with a warm smile his wondrous master began to pick him up and cuddle him against her fullfilling being. "You know I just love you and your fluffy tail, Mr, Airwick; I love you very much.", Circe said while kissing him on the head; Mr. Airwick blushed while enchanted by her sweetalk. "But if you do it outside the Garden again, I'll have to change you back.... and I don't want to; you're such a sweet little skunk; and I'm sure you don't want that either", she added as warmly as possible while kissing him on the head again. "OK?", she asked. Both enchanted by her soothsay and the nightmare of being turned to his former self, he made his answer quickly, "y....y....Yes. Very Yes Madame". After making his promise he blushingly excused himself back to the Perfume Garden. "Besides, there are some animals I crave, I haven't done in years. I think after this one..... Yes! An Elephant; that would be nice!", she thought to herself while dozing off.


"Greek Myths, Written By: Dr. Myrlon Comus, © 1999, TF Inc". It wasn't any kind of bed time story but interesting enough to end up in Axel's hands. The fact of the Greek columns at the entrance puzzled him, so upstairs it might make sense to read something like this. Browsing to the Table Contents, He found a section on the Greek Goddess known as Circe. Now Axel is not that good at matching spelling with phonetics. What he knows as his host's name is Circe(Sur'-See) but in the book he saw it as Circe(Surk'), so it didn't click to him that there was any relation. After finding the right page he plugged away:

"She is Circe, the legendary enchantress of Greek mythology. In ancient times, she took great delight in transforming the occasional unwary visitor to her island into the animal most appropriate to his or her true nature..."

The only picture of her on the page was a statue of what was supposed to be her. Axel was too tired to really take the time to mark any detail to discover any kind of connection what-so-ever. "Time to call it a night", he said while turning off the lights. Before, he could really fall asleep he examined himself inside. Out of everything else going through his head, only one desire came through. "I really wish she were around these days, a change in life would do wonders for me." After sighing he turned around to face the pillow and dozed off.

Chapter 3: Hopping Out of Bed

A warm light shined upon the well rested 'pre-victim.' "I wonder how yaaawwwwwnn..... I slept," he mumbled while being invited back into the world. Slowly, not really wanting to leave the comfort of his bed, he pulled the sheet over to face the day; except there were no sheets, kinda felt like metal and plastic really. Then it came to him, it wasn't a bed he was resting in. After leaning over and out the of the pouch, the situation came into focus; he was sleeping in the Roo-Go-Round. In confusion of whether he was sleeping in a bed or not when he fell asleep, he climbed out to look around. Unfortunately, his eyes weren't focused enough to realize, there was no ground and fell downward in a screaming blaze. "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!", was his cry; there seemed like no end to it until, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OOF!", the black mass he fell on stretched like a trampoline and launched him back into the air. Now he was stating to enjoy this bouncy dream. "I think I will hoooowooold back on pinching myself... weeee!", he said while being thrusted into the air again. It was about 5 minutes of pure enjoyment. Just when our airborne Axel, though there was no end to it, he ripped through the black fabric and fell down towards we seemed to be the outside of the funhouse. Wouldn't ya know it; his fall was aimed directly at the pouch of a plastic and metal kangaroo sitting right in the middle of the funhouse. He fell in hard already knowing he landed in. An engine started to rev and roar and a pair of headlight flashed into his eyes.

"My truck!!", he said with amazement, not only that but there was no driver controlling it. After a few more revs, the beast on wheels darted out towards his owner. "No, gotta get outta this!", he thought to himself. He struggled to get out of it but something was wrong. When he moved his feet the kangaroo's feet also moved - his legs were now the roo's legs! Axel started to do his best to steer his mechanical host out of the way of the mad rolling machine. After thinking he was out of the way he looked aside to see his truck rolling at him at point blank.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa! A dented bucket flew in through the window sending the frightened dreamer back to the real world in a manner that seemed all too real. With the heart rate about 360 beats a second, he realized he wasn't run over by his own truck and his feet were his once again. A second outburst diverted his attention, "Waahhooo! We got a wild one", it sounded like Circe, only having a little too much fun. Then came another sound which was all too familiar to anyone, "Hee-haw Hewaaaaah", it was an ass... er, I mean a donkey, and it sounded pissed. Axel raced to the door to see what was going on. He peeked his head out into the nice sunny morning outside. Sure enough, Circe was at the other end, just noticing him, then waving. "Good morning............................duck!" After hearing mad set of hooves plowing towards him, he got down and jumped out of the way. A mad donkey rushed through and Axel barely escaped the lunge. While recovering from the leap. Circe somehow captured the donkey while whispering something into its ear. Slowly the mad crack-headed ass.... err, I mean, donkey, fell into a deep sleep and the fray was over with the enchanting mistress on top.

"G'day Mr. Axle. you all right?" she asked. "I think so" he replied. "What was that?" "Oh.... let's just say some people can't help making an ass of themselves," she giggled. Not understanding her reply, he moved on. "So, ya ready?", she asked excitedly. "I guess so; let's go!" he said, which had set off Cirque's ecstatic mood. There it was, the metal and plastic marvel and only one of its kind. "The only thing I know" she explained, "is that its mechanical parts are functioning so the problem has to be in the controls. Do you see that panel face on the tallest roo?" she asked. It was hard to see at first because of its perfect blending, but then it came into sight. "Yeah, I see it,", he said after a moment of staring.

The anxious goddess handed him the key and a basic tool pouch to go around his waist with all the required tools for the job. "That's all I can tell you, its up to you from here --", during he conversation, a nameless man walked up to Circe. After briefly introducing himself and shaking hands, Circe addressed Axel one more time, "I gotta go do some Lion Taming, Ill be back with breakfast in a bit.", she said warmly as if like a mother. "OK, see you later", he replied. And with all done and said, Circe and the nameless man walked off towards the outer tents.




Chapter 5: Frames of the Changed

Axel was ready to go to work, all his tools hung on the left ears of the roo on which he sat to place himself vertically perfect with the control panel. One more obstacle stood between him and destiny; that just happened to be a keyhole that required a specific chunk of copper. He tried the key Circe gave him and stuck it in. The fitted but the lock would not budge. Axel was convinced this was the wrong key. After searching his tool pouch, pockets, and just about everything else for another key, he concluded that the right key was officially non-existent. Just before giving up hope, a statically smothered voice came out of his tool belt; "Axel, ya there?... copy?". Axel reached inside the tool belt to feel for the source of the voice. Inside there was a solid black rectangle which resembled a two way radio. "Hello?", he replied. "Silly me, gave you the wrong key. I don't have the right one on me so you're gonna have to fetch it. Do you see the purple tent to your left?", she asked. Axel looked around for a moment trying to spot the right tent; it took a while. "You see it don't you?", she repeated. Finally, his target was identified in broad view. "Yea, I see it", he confirmed. "Go, inside to the very back wall, you'll see a bunch of paintings, frames, and the such. On the very back wall, there is a portrait of me. Lift it up and you'll find the keys. They are all labeled, so it shouldn't be hard to find," she instructed.

"OK, I'm on it", he reconfirmed. "Thank you, Axe.... Sorry about that..... grrrooooooaaarrr!", some kind of loud noise in the background caught Axel's attention. "Is everything all right?", he asked. "Oh, its just the lion taming bit. Mr. Em... err, Mr. Leo is having just a little too much fun is all. Don't forget the key is behind the portrait of me, at the very back wall," she appended. "OK, will do", he replied... then turned off the radio. Making his way to the tent, he could already see part of what was inside. It was mostly a bunch of brass or perhaps, golden frames just lying every-which-way... or at least for what he could see. The tent was dim lighted and very shady. It was actually kinda a nice for a sunny day like this. Funny it was though, to him, that most of the frames did not hold pictures or paintings... more like... clothes? Each frame had a name engraved on it and behind the glass was usually a set of pants and a formal or casual shirt of some sort.

Another name two rows down which hung on fine satin was a frame with the name, "Vince D. Airwick III" nicely engraved into the brass. The name rang a bell... he was one of the sons in a family that was famous for perfumes... very strong ones in fact. Funny it was that Airwick family was from the early 1900's. Behind the glass was a pair of elaborate pants and a fancy overcoat and of course... a fancy white undershirt with very exaggerated rivets. On the bottom right of the frame, Axel spotted a small bottle of "Eau de Toilette c. 1912". There was no doubt that this was the Vince D. Airwick III he was thinking about. There was one more odd thing he noticed about the encased clothing. There were several large rips around the anus, arms, upper chest, and the lower calves. Axel took a look at several other frames to find they all had rips in them in generally the same spots, with some minor differences.

On the third row, there was table. On it, were 3 unused frames but the metal shavings indicated that someone has already started on the engraving. One name was just about complete; "Herb Fel Isleo". Axel looked at the one on the other side, was nothing was started yet, so he took a look at the one in the middle. It seems whoever did this one just got started. There was only 3 letters engraved at the moment... "Roo". Axel kinda smirked at the coincidence. Though still with many questions on his mind, he turned to face the very back of the tent.

As Circle had told him, there it was... a nice elaborate painting of herself which hung on the very back wall of the tent. The painting on the wall resembled a near photographic scene of some kind of Athens with that very same statue he saw in the book he read the night before. Leaning on it, was the spitting image of Enchantress herself. Just one look aroused his suspicion, trying to solve the picture with is minor human logic. "Maybe she is just using her name for a catch to amuse people, yea that's right! There's no real enchantress, that was a long time ago.", he said to himself. Axel kept his focus on the job and lifted the painting like an old garage door and the keys were revealed from underneath. Every hook was conveniently labeled according to its function. In the upper left, hung the label "Roo." It had to be them, so Axel took the keys and dropped them into his tool pouch and headed back outside the tent. Before completely heading back to the Roo-go-Round, he turned around to take another look at the tent... it was gone in the same manner he wasn't able to see it before

Chapter 6: Indecent Exposure

It was official now... Axel was 100% freaked out by its disappearance. His host, the dreams, the tent, all the wild things that have happened in the past 20 hours. It didn't make sense! For a moment, he considered just leaving... but what could he do without wheels? The best thing to do was just get it over with as quick as possible and go without hesitating. Having thought so, he marched straight to the his attraction and hopped right back onto of the tallest artificial roo and pulled the right key from his tool pouch and opened the panel. The black faced panel was quite a piece of art. In the center there was a simple knob which looked to be the speed setting but there was no way to tell which position was which speed so he assumed it was already set to a normal speed. Just below the dial was a diamond-shaped indentation on the panel. Whatever goes there was obviously not there. While feeling around the indentation he noticed the bottom of the panel could be opened. After flipping it open he found all the wiring to the Roo Go Round. After looking at the chances of him ever finding the problem in all these wires, the stress got the best of him. Everything in nature was against him. His truck decided to have a tantrum, he's probably already lost his job or something else back home and now he can't even fix this dumb ride to even get home.

Before he started to really shed tears, he saw something glow after blocking out the light that came into the panel. It was giving off an odd green glare and was just out of reach of his hands. Axel wiped his eyes and searched in his pouch for a tool that had potential of reaching it. After trying a spoon, two screwdrivers, and shaking it, he reached down with a cross wrench and carefully tightened down on both sides as not to damaged it. With success he fished the green gem out of the tangle of wires. Axel gave it a good look, front and back. It seemed to fit perfect in that indentation he found earlier. It seemed to be glowing but it was hard to tell as the sunlight made it harder to see. After looking at the similarity of the indentation once more, he carefully placed the gem at the top of his tightened finger tips and inserted the gem into its metallic bed. Instantly it snapped in place. Surely it must have belonged there. Nothing happened for a moment and Axel's esteem was quickly fading in thoughts of vanity.

From far away, in another tent, a set of beautiful and immortal eyes were set upon the frustrated handyman. Circe eagerly watched every moment through her telescope. Somehow though, she seemed very anxious... almost disappointed. "What could be happening? Not an ear or a tail?... do it.... do it now!! Noooo... what could be wrong?". Circe caught herself to talking out loud then a snickering "growroar!" lashed out from behind. "That's not funny Leo! Now sit, or I will just make you wait longer.", she replied with a smile. A large, human-like beast quickly returned to his position stumbling over the remains of his pants. Circe kissed him and returned to her eavesdropping through her telescope. "Something will happen... any moment now!", she said confidently.

Axel felt a jerk. Then flinched as the control box slammed shut. The lights lighted up at the tone of a joyful melody. Axel's spirit shot through the roof. "It's working, yeahhh! It's working - wahooooo!", he yelled. Excited, he slid down into the pouch and stood upright to meet the face of one of the mechanical roos. "Who's your daddy!!!? WHO--IS--YOUR----DADDDDDY?!!", he burst out while pointing. Suddenly, his celebration was cut short as another jerk shook him off his feet and completely into the pouch. Axel got up and sat upright once again in the pouch. The ride was starting to move and slowly raising him upward. "Cool, a test ride," he thought. The ride was picking up pace and Axel started to yell and yeeeeehaw as the ride bounced him up and down. The world around him began to lose its shape as velocity of the ride entranced him. It was a feeling he had never felt before but he liked it. "This is awesome!", he said to himself. Suddenly, the tone of the music started to sound more and more like a bad recording of Alvin and the Chipmunks as the ride picked up more speed. His skin could feel the tug of centrifugal force that was building. He was bouncing up and down faster and faster. The hopping motion rendered him unable to escape as the ride began to reach what seemed like warp speed. As he screamed he could feel his body leave him as the hopping dominated his senses. He could no longer think of anything but the hopping motion. The world around him turned white like a dream. He could feel himself hopping up and down faster and faster. His physical body was completely numb to any other sensation for what seemed like an eternity.

Circe raced out to the Roo-Go-Round and commanded it to stop. The world in Axel's eyes started to reform, but the hopping sensation was still with him and even stronger than before. The whirling stopped... but his eyes didn't. He stumbled out of the pouch with no sense of direction. However, his hearing was intact enough to hear Circe's voice. "Axel! Are you okay?", she asked warmly. Axel was almost completely in shock but managed to get some words out, "It... works... now. Please give... me... a minute". Axel's squirmed on the ground like a fish out of water as if his muscles were totally displaced.

As Axel sat upright, slowly regaining his senses, Circe looked over his body as if anxiously expecting something. Her eyes eagerly searched from head to toe, becoming more frustrated with every inch of flesh she covered. "Curses! How can this be!? He laid his flesh on the very core of the enchantment, ugh!" It was about to come to pass that such a rare a event should occur: a goddess such as Circe giving into frustration. Suddenly, the dizziness with the dominant hopping sensation became too much. He slowly passed, out falling abruptly into Circe's arms. With her frustration distracted by the sudden catch, she turned him on his other side. She then saw something encouraging on his ears: a small black spot beginning to grow. Her heart lifted as she noticed the same happening on his face. It then clicked in her mind and she giggled at her forgetfulness. "Oh.... stupidly silly me!" Axel was spun at such a high velocity, the spell was delayed and required time to catch up with him...

Circe felt an overwhelming joy as if she had given birth to a son. She looked over him again with excitement, noticing his sprouting markings. His face around his mouth and nose had already turned black as well as the tips of his blooming ears. His olive skin grew even more olive and darker as new fur grew and overtook the old flesh. Circe gasped as if given a spectacular birthday present. "Oh... how cute!! He's turning into a 'Sooty Face!'" she chortled happily, using the Australian slang for a Western Gray Kangaroo. Like a mother she held him closer to her chest and kissed him several times behind his ears. Tears of joy poured out when the last of his bare flesh was gone. Softly, she stroked his short head fur as his snout expanded out to its full length -- but then stopped to yank off his shoes; his growing body would rip through the rest of his clothes. Every sound of tearing cloth that followed was everlasting joy in her ears.

Like a cat, she brushed her head against his and gave him another affectionate kiss on his brand new black nose. A loud pop came from beneath. Two halves of a pair of pants went flying as the denim was no longer able to contain the growth of his now kangaroo-sized thighs. Circe sighed deeply in a state of bliss and affection. She slowly rubbed her finger around the black claws of his big long feet. Quietly, with her nails, she ripped of the remaining shreds of cloth and at the command of her finger, they piled themselves neatly into the frame with his name on it. After that she effortlessly picked him up and stroked her nails softly down his short-furred back rocking him back and forth like a baby.

Not knowing how long he had been unconscious, Axel slowly opened his eyes like a newborn child.... or Joey. It was the face of his host however, it would not stay still. This time though, his ability to think clearly was back. With an absent stare, he concentrated on her face. An echo voiced rapidly inside his head, "She is Circe!" After 5 minutes, all the memories 18 hours before traced through his mind. The books, the paintings, everything he remembered about his host. Just at the right moment, when his ability to think finally was revived, he realized it. The echo in his head, the book, the painting... the alternate pronunciation of "Circe".......... the one, who he now realizes, is cradling him.


The goddess, Circe, bursted out with laughter as the roo sprung out of her arms. Scared senseless, he tried to run but began to stumble over his overgrown feet. However, the hopping sensation began to take its toll again. The urge assimilated his very being and his stumble turned into bounds. Picking up speed he looked behind him and stopped a couple yards away. Circe was still laughing hysterically at his sudden reaction. Her face was turning a bit rose as her laughter went on for a minute or two. Finally, the fear lifted, rather the annoyance built up from him his confusion went through Axel's spine. "What is so FUNNY!!?", he asked with an annoyed stance. Circe caught her breath and lifted a finger. Axel was given a brief spook as he was magically levitated and dragged back over to where Circe was standing. Axel was dropped right in front of her. Circe looked at his face for a moment, then burst out in laughter once more. Axel grimaced until she caught her breath again. After bringing order back to herself, she lifted her finger again and levitated Axel back to her eye level. "Don't blink"... she said as she folded her hands as if to do a magic trick... "Do you remember this book?". After unfolding her hands, the same book, Axel read last night in the tent, appeared. Circe opened it to the same chapter and began to read out loud.

"'She is Circe, the legendary enchantress of Greek mythology. In ancient times, she took great delight in transforming the occasional unwary visitor to her island into the animal most appropriate to his or her true nature.'

"You had so many clues but you didn't realize until now. It was just too cute when you suddenly jumped when you figured it out." Axel just stared at Circe's face in non-existent disbelief. The enchantress herself looked straight back at him. Circe bent over and kissed him on the nose. "Silly Roo!!", she giggled. Suddenly, the difference in height occurred to him. "Roo?", he said in sudden shock. He looked at his hands.... err paws. They were dark brown with black tips and as he braced his hands, two sets of black claws were revealed. It was then, the last half of the message he read came to mind: "...she took great delight in transforming the occasional unwary visitor to her island into the animal most appropriate to his or her true nature". Just then, his train of though was interrupted as Circe began to spill her guts in laughter again. Circe tried to say something but her laughter held her back until she could control herself again. Out of the blue, she affectionately kissed him again. With her laughter trickling behind her voice... "Oh my!!... This is..... so classic!! Most of.... my subjects.... have... no idea... till I give... it away!! Hahahahaha!"

Axel's grip on reality shattered as he has now learned such things as transformation are real... the hard and up-close way. One thing still lingered in his mind... "her part of the deal". "C....Cir... Circe.....", he asked, while trying not to rudely break her laughter. Circe, by then, was in enough control to pay attention to him. "Circe", he continued, "You said if I fixed the ride, you would provide me with a way of transportatation". After hearing this, Circe's smile kicked up again almost turning rose. Before she could answer she mad an obvious sound as a result from laughing too much, "*Hick!*". She began to laugh again with a "*HICK*" every 5 seconds. Anxiously, she waved the new roo closer to her and in the midst of her comical frenzy, she managed to get the word out, "water.... HICK!.... water". Axel immediately looked around for source of water but they were all too far away. Then he remembered a plastic 20oz bottle of water he left in his tool pouch. He hopped around the Roo-Go-Round searching through all the ripped clothes until he could clearly smell leather. Surely, there is was.... inside, H20! Axel hopped back over to the still-hiccuping Circe. She popped the top and in between a laugh, she chugged it down in one sitting. Once empty, she threw the bottle and sat upright and in control. "My end of the bargain huh?... Well, lets see here." She lifted her finger again, this time, lifting him slightly into the air and turning him upside. "Aha.... you'll like this...", while touching his legs, "two high quality pistons for speeds up to 40 mph", while touching his ears, "dual antenna for enhanced reception", while stroking his tail, "extended tail for unmatched load balancing", finally tugging his hind claws, "preloaded mud and slow claws for unbeatable traction and 300 miles per gallon of water". "And finally!", she added while turning him right side up. "A LIFETIME Guarantee!". After the explanation, and even though it was a clever trick, it was fair, she did keep her end of the deal.

After a moment to think it over. Circe finally took out her daily planner. "Well Mr. Roo. Thank you so much for everything, I've enjoyed you the most as of late. Have a good time!", she paused and looked in her book for her next animal in line. "Alas I have victim to fatten up for an elephant. TaTa!", after saying that, she turned around and slowly walked back to her tent.

Axel couldn't help but feel sad as Circe began to walk away as if a part of him was walking away with her. Thinking it over, and even though it shook out of his old humanistic place in reality, being changed gave him a sense rebirth and a new beginning, something that gave him a noticeable enjoyment. A second thought came to him, how cute and fantastic it was to see ordinary people to become shaped by many means into an awesome animal or beast. No, he could not let this urge in him starve to death. Just then, he got up on his two feet and made a mad hop over her. "Circe!", he yelled. Circe stopped just in time before entering her tent. Axel tried to slow down and stop but accidentally fell over and slid as he was still getting used to hopping along with the hopping instinct burning into him. He stood up but was shy of looking her in the eye. "Circe...", he said in a quavering voice. Circe made no answer but looked at him. Finally, Axel looked her in the eyes and asked upfront... "C--Can I help?". Circe drew her face closer to his and asked him in a quiet gentle voice, "Do you know how cast exponential fat enchantments on peanut butter?" Axel frowned then shook his head. Circe then smiled and kissed him on the head then answered, "I'll teach you how!". Axel's face then lighted up and together they headed back inside to prepare the fate of another victim to come.

Axel is alive and very well today. Under the instruction of Circe herself, he has learned many and various enchantments and has aided her in her conquest to diminish the humanity in every unsuspecting human they meet. Though he no longer lives there, he can be found visiting Circe almost every other day. In a sense, he and Circe now share a permanent bond. That compassionate bond is the uncontrollable desire to transform the world... one victim at a time!