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10/24/99 Circe’s Island: The Big Bear Buffet

Cory Samson, a five foot tall man with blond hair and an average build, was very hungry. He had heard about. this great amusment park, form some friends who had called up to say they were moving, but had been kind enough to tell him of this place, and had decided to vist it it. But it had been a long boat riude and he had neglected to eat brekafast figureing the boat would have a snakc bar. Finding he was mistaken Corry decied he would find a resturnat on the island. He got off the boat and looked aorund. “So this si Circe’s Funhouse”Cory said.”Cute” H elooked aqorund at the attarction there were pavilions and a number of rides. He saw aalrge map with animals on it and asosrted attractions and special events.What he wnated though wa sa place to eat before any rides so looking about he disovered one. It wa sa litlte wyas ina cocridng to the map but it looked good “Big bear Buffet. Well i always liked buffets”said nCory wlaking over to a large builidng with a Bera mascot in fornt. The ebar was veyr fat looking and seemed ot be ready for bed. in it’s hand was an ear of corn. Enterign the buffet he couldn’t help but notice yet again the lakc of corwds on this island. Which wa sunussual ocnsidering all the rides this place looked beter then Disney land. Walking in he went ot the cahs register where a guyw as standing in a veyr convinceing mascot costume. The bear costumed man looked at him. “That’ll be $2.00 american sir” the ebar siad ina veyr deep gravely voice. “Thats inexpensive”said Cory “You complainging”asked the bear? Cory didn;[t wnat to thta menat he had more to spend on the other rides later. He walked inside and wnet over ato s alll table. The directions in fornt of the building siad thatb the silver ware and plates were at th seats. Grabbing a plate he wlaked over to the large buffet. it semed to have every food oen would one. Including some honey comb, nuts and berries. Cory chuckles they wer egoign all out wiht this bear thing. he wa sbaout to start piling on some bacon and eggs when this hulking guy bumbed into him. He didn;t say he was sorry which was a but rude in Cory’s opinion but hey few peopel ever said ‘sorry’ anymore. He looked at the guy though he loked weird The man was huge at maybe 7 feet tall. He had a thick beard ad hsi cltohs seemd illfitting. He was veyr hairy too and a bit fat looking. And he didn’t wlak he lumbered. The guy was transfixed on the food and was loading it on his plate. he had os much.too and a,lot of it wa smade up of nuts,berries, and honey comb too. The guy lumbered off n one direction Cory wnt back to getitng a plate of food. He wnated some breakfats food bacon, eggs,some fruit, coffee. the basics for a good breakfats and in anater thoughtn osme cereal. Going to smal table he stared to eat by pickign up a pice of bacon and chiomping on it. he did’t notice the small bit of hair sprouting on his chin. What he did ntoice wa sthe ownderfl tatse the bacon was out of this wirld. He starts to eat and eat and eat. soon everyhting on his plate wa sogne. After litteraly tlickign the plate clena he ewas reayd for seconds. The chnages also followed the food he ate. His haor turned a deep brown. he grew a thick beard. He started to get fatter and his cother were strainign to keep his body in.He had gorw at leats anouther foot He got up groaning that food tatses so good and he wnated more. Before he wnat to the buffte though he unbottned the bottom of his shirt and the button on his fly. groaning in pleasure as the folds of hsi sotmach cascaded out he didn;t notice that he had growna veyr deep forest of brown fur on hsi sotmach. That when he herad the sound it sounded like an animal. He thought he saw a bear wlaking out a door in back but oculdn;t be sure. going up to the buffet he pilled mroe food on his plate. gettign abkc to his seat he sat down to more of that dilisocus food. RThis time it flowed down liek some ownderfu waterfall fo state it was wonderous and good. he ate and ate. Never notice the hair in his bear dhtikening into fur and spread acocrss his face his amrs beocmeing larger and beefier fur flowing over them. Black claws growing form hsi nails. The tip of his nose turend leathery and blsakc and became wet. He contiued to eat that wonderful food loving everyht bit. Hit lcoths nripped as the fat and muscle expaned outwords under the furry skin. He becmae much larger his ears becmae rounded and migrated ti the top of his head. His shoes split apart under hugs bear paws. Finsihign the last morsale on his plate he started to like the plte as his nose and mouth expande dotuwords intoa long muzzle. Goraning form the ownderful feleign in his extreamly large belly now. he waddled off. he flet very tired now. veyr tired. H efound a door that was amrked exit it was a door that one just had to pushto open. he wlake dou tinto a dakr cave. it flet very waqmr and confortbale. he passed a sign he was too tired ot read it. He went over to a corner curled up and fell asleep 9months later Cory woke up. He fle tveyr wel rested he got up form the ocer he had bene alying in. he felt slightly stiff. He shook himslef abit. and tire ot stand up. But he found ti mroe confortable on all fours. He looked ove rot a corner and saw a irror in it wa a bear where he was suppose dot be. he wasn’t panicing but he knew he should ahve been. He also read athe sign b the door next to the other bears aorund him “Warning: Falling asleep after eating in the buffet cuases the chnage to be Pernemnet” Circe laughed somwhere in her manison. The end