(suggested by 'Bear' - thanks guy!)

Meet Teddy Bruno, number-one party animal of that wild and crazy frat house 'Beta Eta Pi.' Teddy's so far out there, he makes Bluto Blutarsky look like a Teletubby!

Guess what? It's Spring Break, and Teddy finds himself in Fort Lauderdale Florida, where he just happens to come across a brand new bar that wasn't there yesterday (and won't be there tomorrow!). In fact, this establishment has opened its doors just for him - but he doesn't know that yet...

Never noticed this place before

"Hiya, sweetmeat"
(Not the proper way to greet a goddess)

"Oh yeah - tasty!"

"Care for another, Teddy?"

"Oh yeah babe, you bet!"

(A little too) Thirsty for another

A funny sound catches his ear

At least it's not growing on his palm...

He finally catches on

"Ready for another, Teddy?"

Teddy figures it out

Well, maybe just one more...

Roll out the barrel

They don't make barstools the way they used to...


(Psst! - Curious about what happened to Bruno's buddies? Take a peek here)

Bye-bye, Bruno!

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