Grin and "Bear" It

Ursine Photomorphs:
He went to see 'Brother Bear' three or four times too many...
Standing tall (and furry)
Somewhat confused

Occupying as it does an extra-dimensional plane of reality, contemporary terrestrial laws against the use of recreational intoxicants do not apply at Circe's Funhouse. (And until the day these laws are changed, all visitors to this website are firmly urged the eschew the use of any such substance(s) in their quotidian lives!) In fact, Circe finds them quite useful in luring susceptible types into the pavilions where uninhibited indulgence will transform them into their appropriate new forms.

Take this husky gentlement, for example. (Un)fortunately for him, his twin weaknesses for hasheesh and honey can both be satisfied in one swell foop at the Funhouse's "Grin and Bear It Pavilion," where honey-flavoured hasheesh - so potent as rumoured to be capable of putting hair on one's chest - is the order of the day. A few deep inhalations are all it takes for the sweet intoxicant to begin weaving its transmogrifying spell - a spell that incorporates cunningly mind-bending tricks with time, space and memory to accomplish its mission...

"Oh boy - hash!"

"I gotta get outta here!"
"I think this is the way..."
Another surprise!
[also restored]
A familiar smell for a lost soul
Totally confused now, but at least he's enjoying himself

Back in the days of self-publishing, and long before Circe's Funhouse made its web debut, an attempt was made to translate the above transformation sequence into a mini (digest-sized) comic. I was never pleased with how it turned out - to my eyes, the inked comic art looked stiff and ungainly compared to the comfortable, shaggy detailing of my usual pencil work. Recently however, a flood of inquiries (actually, a single E-mail from "Cyber Voracious Fox") inspired me to take another look at the comic. This time around the art didn't bother me as much - and I enjoyed the extra images, narration and word balloons that transformed the TF sequence into an actual beginning-middle-and-end story. So in honour of the Funhouse's third anniversary (9 March 2003 - and to defer attention from the lack of an anniversary contest this year), return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, and enjoy
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Another bear-bound boy is more than a touch disconcerted
by his progressing metamorphosis

From Here to Halfway There
ANIMATED Transformation by Guest Artist "Bear"

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