The BIG House

Featuring a Trio of Marvelous Metamorphoses:
Ele-Fun for All
Hip Hippo Ray!
I Know Rhino

A trio of friends find that ‘livin’ large’ takes on a whole new meaning at the Funhouse, where if you visit the right pavilion, it’s possible to get too big – way too big – for your britches...

Sneaking In
Over at the Gift Shop

We're Going to Pump You Up
Just a Little More...
Not Looking Where He's Going
Bertha and Hortense
Putting the Squeeze On

Why Don't We Take A Look?
Sorry My Dear
Somehow I Knew This Was Going to Happen...

and now, a fantastic coloring job by the ever-amazing Elwood!
(visit his way-cool Raccoon Page now!)

Oh boy...
Lost his balance (Does this sound familiar?)
Together Again...

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