(You Can Always Tell)
A Bull By the Horns

This strapping young fellow, hired on as a farmhand, disregarded Circe's 'warning' not to go near the dairy barn just over the rise. Perhaps it was the large-eyed, long-lashed talking Guernsey cow he met in the field who pooh-poohed Circe's advice ("she just wants to keep us
her little secret"), and invited him to follow her swaying hips, swishing tail and bountiful udder up the hill to meet her sisters.

Once inside the barn, the bewitching bovines set to work seducing their young visitor, filling his mind and inflaming his loins with a bullish passion. Unable to resist their blandishments, the man found himself succumbing to their magical charm and striving - with all of his rapidly growing might - to please each and every one of them in turn.

Now a prize-winning stud bull of legendary reknown, he is quite happy servicing his contented harem on a regular basis. And if the occasional, impressionable young woman who's heard of his reputation should disregard Circe's advice to keep her distance, choosing instead to enter his stall and gaze upon his virility, so much the better - there's always room in the meadow for one more cow…

Succumbing to Temptation
He Feels Strange...


Here's a different tale of bovine metamorphosis, a guest sequence done by the inimitable Eala Dubh,
with an accompanying tale of transformation by Bob Stein, one of the Funhouse's first fans.
As a young man by the name of 'Myron' is about to discover,
Circe's reach also extends into the realms of Celtic myth...

Eala Dubh Bull TF Sequence

"Summer Bovinox" by Bob Stein

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