Bonita's Bunny Hutch

Home of Fine Vegetarian Dining

Meet Bonita, your oh-so-charming and friendly waitress at The Bunny Hutch. What man can resist her bewitching pink eyes ... her plush, fur-covered curves ... her delicate powder-puff of a tail twitching saucily from side to side atop a delightful derriere ... or the enchanted carrots she serves with such a coy smile?

Absent-mindedly, you consume the treat she has set in front of you, all but unaware of their tingly taste; in fact, her arresting form has so completely captured your attention that -- just as she has intended -- your transformation proceeds entirely unnoticed and unresisted. She smilingly watches you grow increasingly furred and long-eared, and you grin shyly back at her; you have absolutely no idea of the surprise in store for you momentarily…

I'll Be With You In a Moment...

Digging In

Is That a Cottontail Growing On Top of Your Rear End...

...Or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

"More Carrots, Sir?"

Still Doesn't Have a Clue (but it's too late now)

Clothing Is SO Human...

He Finally Notices


Another Satisfied Customer

And now for something somewhat different:
The Funhouse's first female transformation
A Visit to the Bunny-Luv Cosmetics Warehouse Outlet
When this thrifty shopper saw the sign reading 'Rabbit Tested and Guaranteed Safe,'
she neglected to peruse the fine print reading "-for rabbits"...
(And by any chance... could this be the birth of Bonita?)

Rabbit Transformation Song

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