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I'm far from the first person to depict the goddess in action. Here's how other artists have depicted our favorite enchantress in action over the centuries:

Gustave Dore
Wright Barker

Think twice before drinking from this cup!
(Found on E-bay & submitted to the Funhouse by Oliver

John Collier
Dosso Dossi, in the 16 1/2th Century!
Dosso Dossi: The Sequel (Looks like he had a slightly above-average interest in Circe!)
Edmund Dulac
Edmund Dulac returns to the scene of the crime (Another one with a slightly above-average interest in Circe; what is it with these artists?)
E.A. Abbott
Margaret E. Price (illustration from a children's book I chanced to see as a kid; folks, this one of the very first images that turned me onto Circe and her transformations...)
Arthur Hacker
Adolph Mossa (This one wins the Weirdness Award hands-down, folks...)
John William Waterhouse: A New Hope
John William Waterhouse Strikes Back
Return of the John William Waterhouse
(Like I said, what is it with these artists?)
 Anonymous potterer, long, long ago...
(submitted by Oliver)
Live, in person - Circe!
(If you saw these movies or TV shows, that is...)
Bernadette Peters
(The Odyssey, TV 1997)
Jo Van Fleet
("The Remarkable Mrs. Hawks"
episode of Thriller TV series, 1961)
Silvana Mangano
(Ulysses feature film, 1955)
Could it be...Circe?
Not necessarily, but I'm not betting against it!
Clinique Cheron
"Una (sure, yeah right) and the Lion"
Briton Rivière
NY Times article on children's fashions
And now, a few miserable efforts by yours truly,
your most humble chornicler of her wondrous metamorphoses...
"Hi, I'm Circe..."
A brush with the enchantress
Half a Packrat
All Packrat (done with 'Mr. F')
You're Getting to be A Rabbit With Me (Funhouse Pavilion)
Circe's Bunny Elixir (Funhouse Pavilion)
The Brewin' Bruin (Funhouse Pavilion)
"My best friend..."
Madame Circe's Canine Obedience Academy (Funhouse Pavilion)
Circe's Physical Therapy Clinic (Funhouse Pavilion)
Lion Taming While-U-Wait (Funhouse Pavilion)
Our most talented and generous Guest Artists have also tried their hand at depicting Circe; visit their pavilion and enjoy the fruits of their labors...
Big Pig
Don't Call Her 'Babe'
Lucius Appaloosius
(too many great items to list individually!)

Bob Stein:
Funhouse Flyer

(What would you do if you found this slipped under your front door or stuck under your windshield wiper?)

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