(or, "See You Later -- As An Alligator")

An assortment of non-Saurina-assisted
saurian metamorphoses:


"What? - Oh No!"

  Danger! Enchanted Quicksand
  Greetings from Gator Bog
Gator Tan
Maybe he should've read the warning label about side effects before using this stuff...
(See the 13 September 2000 Update Page
for info on this picture) 
A Perfectly Good Pair of Pants, Ruined

"The Temple of the Alligators"
The treasure hunter had heard rumours of a gigantic, priceless emerald embedded in the wall of the innermost chamber of the forbidden 'Temple of the Alligators,' supposedly guarded over by the sardonic spirits of the Alligator gods themselves. He had also heard whispers of a curse protecting the gem - a curse that would transform any human who dared enter the chamber from brigand to protector of the Temple and its precious treasure. This part he dismissed as mere myth - until he stood in the light of the mystic jewel, feeling its supernatural energies wash over him, feeling himself fall deeper and deeper under its spell... until he found himself willingly, even eagerly assuming his new form and submitting to the will and wisdom of the Alligator gods...


winning picture drawn for 'Volk-Oboroten'
May 2001

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