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Occupying as it does an extra-dimensional plane of reality, contemporary terrestrial laws against the use of recreational intoxicants do not apply at Circe's Funhouse. (And until the day these laws are changed, all visitors to this website are firmly urged the eschew the use of any such substance(s) in their quotidian lives!) In fact, Circe finds them quite useful in luring susceptible types into the pavilions where uninhibited indulgence will transform them into their appropriate new forms.

In fact, this fellow's weakness for fine marihuana -- particularly the legendary 'Donkeydope' brand, reputed to be the most potent pot on the face of the earth -- has led him to take the official tour of the Donkeydope Farm (little realizing it is situated on Funhouse grounds!) where he sees dozens of jackasses (apparently trained to work with automated equipment and without human supervision) harvesting and packaging the weed.

At the end of the tour, and beguiled by the grinning face of Desmond Donkey, the brand's mascot, he helps himself to the 'blunts' awaiting him. Already somewhat intoxicated from the factory's redolent atmosphere, he quickly, and happily, succumbs to the potent cannibis -- until he realizes the Donkeydope has literally, not just metaphorically helped him make a jackass out out himself once and for all!!


"Wow! What's in this stuff?"

"One more joint can't hurt..."

"Hee... HAW!" (Past the point of no return)

Now he's REALLY making a jackass out of himself!

"Haw! Some jackass..."

"Donkey in the mirror?!"

"I'm the donkey!"

"Animal Condo"
(A Donkeydope Comics Page with apologies to Winsor McCay)

"The Donkeydope Pavilion"
(A Donkeydope text story in The Transformation Story Archive)

The Sisters of Circe
pired by the story of the same name by "Lampwickxxx" in The Transformation Story Archive

The Sisters of Circe Enjoy Their Latest Video
- thanks to their very expensive high-definition, widescreen TV
(you can actually see each individual strand of fur as it grows) they bought at Best Buy!
(This link takes you to the picture's page on Fur Affinity)

"'What a Jackass,' Laughed the Highena"
(see Miscellania for more info on this picture!)

Don't care for cannibis? Take a ride on The Hee-Haw-See-Saw instead!

Donkey Photomorphs!
Blessed by the Shining Light of Saint Asininus
"I don't think these clothes fit me any more"
That's right, just keep on smoking that stuff...

1996 Live-Action Pinocchio movie donkey transformation sequence
(Note: you can view this sequence - in Donkeymotion! - on YouTube

Dopey Donkey
An awesomely asinine image from the great Eala Dubh!

Pleasure Island Products
Created for Circe's Funhouse by the illustrious Bob Stein!

Always Eat Your Vegetables
(llustration from the "Donkey Cabbage" story
in the 1894 edition of The Yellow Fairy Book)

Starting to feel like a jackass
A fabulous photomorph from the mysterious "Bear"

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