Can Your Kiss Break the Evil Spell?

3 Kisses - $1

(Thank you, 'Loathsome Dragon'!)

She only looks like a dragon! Ensorceled by a horrible curse that has transmogrified her into a fearsome reptilian beast, the Princess of Ypocras awaits the kiss of true love that will restore her to her human form.

Do you dare touch your lips to those of a dragon? Are you that prince among men? Your risk may reward you with both her hand in marriage and fabulous wealth as you share in her family fortune!

She awaits your lips
Kiss Number 1
Kiss Number 2
Kiss Number 3

Sorry, your kisses failed to restore the princess to her human form.
However, her kisses seem to have had a most intriguing effect upon you...

Your appetite as yet unslaked for draconian transformation? Then visit-
Szechuan Fire Chinese Restaurant
(home of extra-spicy cuisine!)

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