Now you can relish a human-to-rabbit metamorphosis, one of Circe's favorite transformations, in greater detail than you ever dreamed possible!

Imagine being able to observe - or experience - ears stretching out ever-so-slowly... whiskers growing longer millimeter by millimeter... a soft 'n fluffy cottontail gradually expanding to volleyball size... and that white fur pelt blossoming one strand at a time! Circe's new Extra-Slow Bunny Elixir is guaranteed to turn eager - or unsuspecting - volunteers into hippity-hoppity happy hares slower and more stylishly than ever before!

But don't take our word for it! Watch Bunny Elixir in action:
A Free Sample
A First Sip
An Unexpected Reaction
A Concerned Look
A Surprising Sight
A Rabbit's Reflection
A Puzzling Appendage
A Pleased Proprietor

Directions: Take one spoonful and wait for results. (Also highly effective via skin contact or as a food additive.)
If you're not 100% satisfied and/or 100% transformed, return unused portion of your purchase to Circe's Funhouse for a full refund.
(Sorry, all transformations are permanent and irreversible.)

Still Available in Regular and Instantaneous Speed Formulas.
Coming Soon: Imperceptible Speed Bunny Elixirs
In Thirty Day, Six Month and Year-Long Strength!

Psst! There's lots more furry, fluffy-tailed fun in store at
Bonita's Bunny Hutch

You're Getting to be a Rabbit With Me

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