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Circe's Funhouse:

The Hotel Drake

Story written by: Wolfy
Circe's Funhouse
Managed by Myron J. Comus, Esq., Ph.D., TF
Under Mystic License, Mystic Inspiration and Magical Permission of
The Enchantress Circe

Donald Marsh was going on a much-needed vacation. The day started sunny and bright, and Donald could not help but admire the beautiful scenery as he drove down the highway.

As he drove, however, clouds began to roll in. Soon it was raining, lightly at first, but becoming heavier as the day went on.
'It would figure.' He thought, as the rain poured down. It was becoming harder to see the road. Donald knew that he wouldn't be able to drive much longer, but sleeping in the car overnight wasn't an attractive idea. Suddenly, a light appeared in the distance.

Focusing his concentration on the road, Donald managed drive until he came up to a neon sign reading "Hotel Drake". Pulling closer to the building, Donald saw that there was a sheltered parking garage next to the motel. He pulled in and took the luggage out of his car.
Donald went into the motel. The interior was brightly illuminated, and oddly decorated. It seemed that the name "Hotel Drake" was more than appropriate - the wallpaper had duck designs, the furniture was shaped like ducks, all the pictures involved wetland scenes - even the light fixtures had duck motifs.

Pulling his rolling suitcase up to the desk, Donald was greeted by a beautiful woman in a feathery outfit. She smiled at him warmly, and Donald felt himself blush.

"Welcome to the Hotel Drake" she said pleasantly "I am Circe, owner and runner of this establishment. You would like a room for the night."

"Yes. I can't drive anymore in the foul weather outside."

Circe laughed merrily "But of course." She started reaching for the key to room 301, then hesitated and gave him the key to room 101. "Very few people come this way," she explained at his look "so the hotel is currently empty." Donald nodded and followed her to the elevator.

"You certainly have interesting decorations." Donald commented as Circe pushed the duck-shaped elevator button.

"I love animals, and I love dedicating different parts of my various establishments to them." The elevator stopped - emitting a "quack" instead of the usual "ding". They entered, Donald feeling a little embarrassed at being so close to his beautiful hostess.

When the door opened and Donald saw that his room was straight across from the elevator. Circe opened the door for him, and gave him the key to the room. "I do hope that you enjoy your stay."

The interior of the room was no different than the rest of the hotel. As Donald unpacked his suitcase, he began to have the unnerving feeling that he was being watched. Looking around he saw that all the duck pictures were staring out at him.

Donald laughed at himself, 'My imagination is working overtime.' He thought. 'What I need to relax is a nice warm bath.'

Donald entered the bathroom. Like the rest of the hotel, this room had multiple duck themes. The toilet seat was shaped like a duck's bill and had a large duck picture above it, as did the tub. Donald found himself strangely drawn to the picture - the duck in it seemed to have a knowing smile on its face.

Shaking his head, Donald looked at the tub. It was a fairly large one - almost as if it were meant to fit any size person. It was shaped like a duck, the head of the duck faced into the tub, and Donald saw that its eyes were actually knobs to turn the water on. That there was a very realistic rubber ducky in the tub that Donald found too cute to remove.

After he started pouring warm water in the tub, Donald noticed that there was also duck-related bath oil on a shelf directly above it - Lucky Duck Special Bath Oil.

Taking the oil off the shelf and uncapping it, he found that it had a relaxing, fruity scent mixed with something more exotic - a spice he couldn't name. Forgetting to recap it, He placed it back on the shelf, not noticing that the bottle was slowly spinning around and about to tip over.

As the water finished pouring in, Donald considered trying the bath oil, then decided against it. 'After all,' he thought, 'who knows what it'll do to my skin.'

Lowering himself into the warm water, Donald found it easy to relax. The rubber ducky was in the water with him, and Donald found it oddly soothing to watch it float. Donald closed his eyes briefly.

Donald thought he heard a small 'plop' like a plastic container falling. Soon after, a familiar fragrant smell filled the air. Donald realized that the oil must have tipped over. 'I'll clean it up after I'm out of the tub.' He thought, not noticing that the vial was pouring its contents into the bath water.

As the lotion spread soundlessly into the water, Donald felt a pleasant warmness, relaxing all the muscles in his body. He ignored the tingle as the hair over his body grew thicker, changing slowly from brown hair to yellow down. Soon even his head was covered in the thick yellow down. Though he could feel it growing, he dismissed it as five-o-clock shadow.

As the down continued to thicken, his feet grew wider and gained a yellowish color. His toes began to spread apart and grow longer; the two outer toes began to merge, becoming both longer and thinner. Donald felt only a very pleasant warmth as the merging took place. He completely ignored the sensation of stretching skin as the webbing between them grew larger and fuller, covering all the space between his new duck toes.

White feathers began to emerge from the down, rapidly thickening across him. He could feel fingers slowly became longer and more feathery, but dismissed this sensation to the relaxing qualities of the water. His suspicions were finally aroused, however, when the little rubber duck floated under the stream of the lotion, giving the unmistakable sound of a liquid hitting rubber.
Donald opened his eyes and saw the liquid falling into the tub. He saw his new duck-like feet and felt as his mouth began to extend and harden as it started turning into a bill.

"What th'…" he started as he stared at the feathers covering his body "QUACK?!" he finished aloud as what was happening to him became apparent for the first time. He raised his now feathered hands in disbelief.

"My - my fingers - th-they're TURNING INTO FEATHERS!!!!" He felt his neck begin to grow, as a strange pricking sensation came from the base of his spine "I'm turning into a duck!" he realized in horror. "I've got to get out of this tub!"

He found, however that the once large tub was now suddenly too small. Doing his best to get out of the shrunken tub, Donald couldn't avoid getting under the flow of the lotion. As it hit his feathered back, he felt an almost overwhelming sensation of pleasure. At the same time he could feel the transformation speed up. He could feel his arms rapidly changing into wings, and turned to see his tail blossom out of his white-feathered bottom.

He felt his neck extend outward, and looking into a full-length mirror opposite the tub he saw, as well as felt, as his mouth finished turning into a bill as the white feathers covered what remained of his human hair.

Finally, with a "drip-drip-drip", Donald realized that the lotion had run out. The tub suddenly released him and returned to its former size. He waddled over to the mirror and looked at his new duck body.

"Waddle I do now?" he wondered aloud. He shook his head and turned towards the bedroom. Waddling in, he saw that it was now morning. 'I spent the entire evening in the tub?!' he thought in disbelief. He also noticed a sheet of paper laying near the door way. It was the bill - complete with a picture of a duck's bill on the cover. Donald realized that Circe must have dropped it off.

Donald waddled up to the front desk. Circe was there, smiling broadly, apparently undisturbed to see a duck coming up to the desk.

"Good morning Mr. Marsh." She said "I see your stay was a transforming experience." She walked around the counter and rubbed the feathers on his belly. Donald was in ecstasy. "You are much more handsome now." She said.

Donald suddenly agreed. What was not to like about his handsome new feathers? Not to mention his powerful wing.

"There is," she said in mock seriousness "the matter of payment."

Donald looked her square in the eye "Just put it on my bill." He said.

Circe laughed merrily, as Donald waddled his way out the front door.