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The High-Ena Hutch
by "Daniel Fahl"

The High-ena Hutch Drake Tompson apraoched the High-ena Hutch. He had heard about the Circe Fun-House island from his friend. He had come out about a week ago and had said somthign abotu the "Donkey dope Pavillion." Drake decided he didn't wnat to go thewre hsi friend must ahve not liked it becuase he didn't say anythign about it. In fact he hadn't comunicated with Drake at all. Drake shook his head and wlaked over to the advertised new building "The High-ena Hutch" On the front of the building wa s awood cut out of a Hyena-man in sporty suit. it was red wiht black spots across it. he wa slaso wearing a yellow bow-tie. It had a sign under it "Try Harry Hyena Reefers"said the sign "Ok I will Harry"said Drake giggling to himself Drake entered the building it was set up much liek a twenties or thirties Jazz bar. Drake walked over to a tabel near soem nice potted plants. On urther insepction they looked liek Marajuan plants. Drake smiled at this after seeing there choice narcotics. Drake walked over to the table and sat down imediatly he saw the reffer and a pearl lighter. he piked up the reffer and lit it. He took a drag and felt the vapors invade his body. it sort of tickled him. he started to laugh. As he did he grew a slight amount of hair on his face making it look like abeard. he also grew a dusting of hair on hsi hands and hsi nails turned slightly darker. he took anouthe rdrga and started to laugh As he laughed the hair became more defined till is wa s athick redish growth on hsi face. Hi nails became slightly pointed and darker. As he laughed hsi cannines becmae slightly more pointed and pronounced. His ears becmae lsightly bigger and moved up hsi head a bit. Drake didn't notice any of this he just contiued to laugh in hsi seat as if he was eeing somthin truly hilarious. The changes progressed at a faster rate. The fu spread up and audn hsi body his cloths slightly buldged as fur spread underneat them. His fingers and the palsm of hsi hands becmae calloused and puffed up inot canine like pads. His ears moved up his head more widening and becomeing rounded points. The tip of hsi nose becmae black in color and started to push out along wiht hsi mouth as his teeth becme more canine or carnivor like. The black nose becmae larger as did the blunt snout. He stared to haunch over sl;ightly. Then hsi feet started to pres against hsi shoes. Unitl his shoes burts revealing dog liek paws. His feet already paw like. Drake at this time noticed his hands and paws upon seeing them he laughed even more and took a bigger drag. luaghing uproariouslyhe haunted over more as his cloths becmae more adn mroe uncomfortable bunching and constraining him more. Drake didn't even think about the tail that ripped out of hsi shorts. His legs becmae thicker and shorter as hsi feet bamce more arched. his pants tore apart. His uper body becmae blukier and cannoned as the fur spread ripping him out fo hsi shirt too. Drake laughed and laughed tipping over in his cahir and falling to the floor laughing and gigleing as his human butt disapeared and was replaced with just and naiml butt. As only biologist will tell you the human buttoks allows for beter balance. he had lost that and besides that the was already "tipsy for the feer still in his snout. His eyes becmae larger as the last fur feathered out. and his ears caem to the top fo hsi head. His ehair becmae asort of main runnign down his back with scrnagly hair raplacing hsi originbal hair. Drake finaly stooped hsi uproarious laughter and his drug dazed stupor left him. he got up and shook him slef and then noticed he had gotten up on all fours he tried to raise himslef to his feet but couldn't then he looked down to see hsi new paws and ;legs below him. dRake was suprsised nad did the onyl thing he coudl think of laugh. Mdaam cuirce looked into her mirror anouther wonderful transformation. As if nayoen woudl miss htis mad\n now hyena. Soon he would ahve a packl. And seemed to take it beter then most she didn't even have to place a spell on him. Circe smiled and patted Buster on the head. it wa sgood being her The End? I doubt