" 'What a Jackass,'
Laughed the Highena"


winning picture!

They can't even remember anymore - are they in a smoke shop down a narrow Amsterdam side street, or in the 8-Ball Billiard Parlour on Pleasure Island? It makes no difference - once they crossed the smoky establishment's threshold, the two travelling companions had entered the mystical realm of Circe's Funhouse.

Now, thanks to Circe's potent intoxicants they continue their dizzying, hysterical downward spiral from human to animal. Highena thinks his friend's clumsy fumblings with the bong, and his increasingly goofy appearance are just too funny for words, while Dopester Donkey's only thought is of getting more of that sweet-scented cannibis into his lungs -- regardless of the consequences...

And what's this? No one's paying attention to the squeaks of the little fellow under the table who's just scampered in from the cheese shop next door and is trying to warn the oblivious pair of what's in store for them, based on his own unfortunate situation. Sorry mousie - you should've thought twice before trying the Camembert...

drawn for 'Dopester Donkey'
July 2001


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