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Circe’s Funhouse:
Lu Lu’s Pines
By Wolfy

Circe’s Funhouse
Managed by Myron J. Comus, Esq., Ph.D., TF
Under Mystic License, Mystic Inspiration
and Magical Permission of
The Enchantress Circe

Michael Lycan was trying to take a relaxing vacation. So far all he had taken was one wrong turn after another. It seemed like he had passed the same area over and over. Finally, after another hour of driving, he pulled on to the side of the road and checked his map. ‘That’s odd’ he thought, scratching his head ‘this doesn’t look like anywhere on my map.’

He looked from his map to the seemingly endless forest of pines near where he parked. There were no forests this large on the map. The pines, he noticed, gave off a wonderful smell. With the warm sun and gentle breeze he wished he could stay forever. Closing his eyes to enjoy the warmth, Michael took in a deep breath of pine-scented air. He felt a strange, pleasant tingle go through his body. Opening them slowly, he saw that there was a sign near the woods he didn’t notice before. Moving closer he read the sign:

Lu Lu’s Pines:
A wilderness adventure that will leave you HOWLING for mor

The smell of the pines was even stronger and caused an even greater pleasant tingle, as if all the hair on his body were growing. He looked away from the sign and saw an attractive female wolf standing just in front of him. She had a warm colored grey fur that shined oddly in the sun. Her eyes were deep green and had a – mischievous? – gleam in them. She walked up to Michael and ‘tagged’ him with her nose.

Michael felt an odd rush of excitement. His ears and nose grew slightly longer and hairier. The smells of the pines seemed even better. The wolf winked and seemed to smile at him. ‘Wow! She likes me!’ He thought. She leapt into the woods, looking back as if to say ‘catch me if you can’. Michael was going to try. He ran after her.

The pine smell grew stronger as he chased her. He never noticed that it was dissolving his clothes. All he noticed was the great feeling of wind against his increasingly hairy body. As he ran, an occasional pinecone would fall and hit him on the nose. It didn’t hurt, but they made his nose grow more and more muzzle-like. As his nose grew the pine smell became more and more intense. The wolf in front of him looked back occasionally and urged him on with another wink.

The pinecones also started to fall and hit him at the base of his spine. They didn’t hurt, but a strange tingling sensation was left behind along with an increasingly long tail. Each time they hit it also became harder and harder for him to walk upright. Just as he was beginning to realize what was happening to him, he tripped on a pinecone and fell onto the soft, warm ground.

The ground seemed to be relaxing all the muscles in his body so he couldn’t get up. The female wolf came up to him. “My, you ARE handsome, aren’t you?” She giggled “Let’s see if I can’t improve your looks . . .” With that she began to rub her tail against his legs like it was a warm, silky wand. He felt them slowly change under her influence, becoming more and more lupine.

‘S-she’s turning me into a wolf!’ He thought, tried to rise, but couldn’t. There seemed to be a weight on his back. Looking he saw the wolf on him, pressing him down with her forepaws.

“Now, now, we wouldn’t be trying to escape would we?” She asked smiling. She then began massaging his back with her paws. Fur began to grow up his back and chest while a soft, pine-scented wind seemed to lovingly stroke it. Closing his eyes, Michael couldn’t help enjoying the sensation. “That feels goood . . .” He growled softly. The wolf giggled. When she finished with his back, he found himself both unwilling and unable to move.

The wolf left his back and rubbed her tail up and down each of his arms, changing them into legs. He felt his hands thicken and become paws. Finally she brushed her tail on his head. Fur grew over his ears and face as they became more and more lupine. Finally, she stood a little bit away from him.

‘M-maybe now the transformation will stop.’ He thought and tried to rise. He, however, found the tip of her tail right under his nearly complete nose.

“Aaah – aaaah – aaaaah – AAACHOOO!!!” He sneezed, lifting himself about an inch off the ground, spreading his legs out to his sides and finishing the transformation of both his nose and tail.

He looked up at the wolf, who was smiling happily. “Gedseunheit!” She giggled.

“I-I’m a wolf!” He said, rising and looking at his paws.

“Yes, and a handsome one at that.” She said, caressing his lower jaw with her tail. Michael found that he really didn’t care about the transformation so much, as long as she liked him.

“I think it’s time we were introduced. I’m Lu Lu, welcome to my Pines.”