A variety of random Funhouse images,
presented for your consideration and amusement

The AnthroCon 2005 TF Jam
Now located here after gracing the Funhouse entrance for the last 12 months or so
The Snake Line
Drawn for the convention sketchbook at Furfright this past October ('05).
An idea I've had for a very long time...
Circe's Funhouse 2004 Xmas Card
If you didn't get one in your Email in December, my apologies; enjoy it now
The Great Lillypad Race
He wondered why the frog dared him to race across the lillypads... what the amazing prize was waiting for him at the finish line... or why it seemed like the frog wasn't even trying to keep up with him. Then he found out!
(Thanx to Dave in Rochester for the inspiration!)
A Genuine Llama Wool Sweater
He was really glad he came across this little, out-of-the-way clothing store. The sweater looked and felt great, and the price was right to boot. Somehow,he knew the sweater would fit him perfectly, but he had no idea just how perfectly...

The Magic Flute
He never stopped to wonder why someone had sent him an antique flute in the mail, or why it was playing (such an enchanting tune) even before he unwrapped the box..
(Done as an art trade with Foxx; take a look at his effort currently in As Seen By Others)

And now for something somewhat different:
The Funhouse's first female transformation

A Visit to the Bunny-Luv Cosmetics Warehouse Outlet
When this thrifty shopper saw the sign reading 'Rabbit Tested and Guaranteed Safe,'
she neglected to peruse the fine print reading "-for rabbits"...

"My Best Friend..."

Unda Da' Sea

Caught in the Act
(or, Let the Transformation fit the Crime....)

and here's a long-overdue link to the story inspired by the above image,
as seen in the Transformation Story Archive:

"Sticky Fingers"

" 'What a Jackass,'
Laughed the Highena"

(co-winner of the Circe's Funhouse 2001/20001 contest!)

Packrat - the Beginning
(Illustration for the story of the same name by "Mister F")

Packrat - the Final Chapter
(A first-time ever joint effort!
Pencils by Comus, Inks by
"Mister F")

Three Other Friends Visit the Funhouse

Here's something from the archives that goes way back:
namely, one of my earliest attempts at TF storytelling.
As you can see from the first picture, the name of the place wasn't even set in stone at this point...

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