Mister Airwick's
Perfume Garden

Originally, Mister Airwick was a human being like you or I (before our visits to the Funhouse, of course!): a soft-spoken young dandy with a fondness for black velvet suits, ruffled white shirts - and for a powerfully pungent perfume, which one day he chanced to apply to his person in an overly generous fashion.

It was on this day, and in this way, he came to Circe's attention. Amused by his pungent persona, Circe transformed the young man into a skunk sporting the very same scent. When it chanced that the changeling was actually pleased with his new form, Circe rewarded him with the power to use his scent to transform others into fellow skunks.

Mister Airwick now resides in 'The Perfume Garden,' a verdant patch of forest just beyond the Funhouse pavilions. Here, the richly aromatic flowers, plants and shrubbery serve to mask his scent while rendering the occasional unwary visitor groggy, docile and receptive to his enchanting hospitality...

 The Secret of Mr. Airwck's Scent

The dear boy himself
The birth of Mister Airwick
REVISED IMAGE! For some, all it takes is the tiniest sniff... REVISED IMAGE!
... and they're never the same again
(Others, however, require a touch more 'encouragement'...)
"Don't you wish you had a tail just like mine?"
"How nice of you to drop in"
Is he enjoying his TF, or just intoxicated by the scent?

"Being a skunk just grows on you"
REVISED IMAGE!"Did you say something?"REVISED IMAGE!
"Pardon me"
REVISED IMAGE!"I don't really smell that bad, do I?"REVISED IMAGE!
REVISED IMAGE!"Why, I think you smell wonderful!"REVISED IMAGE!
All sorts of plants bloom in the Perfume Garden
(or, 'Never Smoke Sunkweed with a Skunk')

A few of Mr. Airwick's other visitors

Meet Mr. Airwick
A Phunhouse Photomorph!


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