The Secret of
Mr. Airwick's Scent
(slightly revised)

In order to defend themselves from attack, real-world skunks produce and spray an offensive-smelling substance from scent glands located beneath their tail. Mr. Airwick’s scent is created in a completely different manner and (as we well know) for an entirely different purpose.

The enchanting Mr. Airwick’s scent is produced directly inside the follicle of each strand of tail fur, and stored there as a highly concentrated form of scent oil. (If you are reading this page, you already know his scent is seductively pleasant and has powerful metamorphic properties.)

Mr. Airwick mentally directs the oil out of his follicles and into his tail fur, where it atomizes and disperses in precisely the volume, concentration, and at the rate he wishes. In this manner he controls his scent’s relative strength: whether its aroma is overpowering or barely noticeable, how fast the transformation takes place and even the specific area of his tail the scent will emanate from.

Mr. Airwick enjoys experimenting and adjusting these various aspects of his scent to make every transformation different and unique in its own way – ‘each one a work of art,’ as he is fond of saying. One transformation may be so subtle the visitor will never notice it taking place, only to suddenly realize he is now a skunk; another may be long and drawn-out, and accompanied by a particularly overpowering concentration of scent in order to teach a skunk-phobic guest a lesson, while the occasional visitor who comes seeking a transformation may be rewarded with an exceptionally pleasant and elaborate metamorphosis.

One of Mr. Airwick's favorite tricks however, is to 'enrich' the Perfume Garden’s marihuana plants with his scent, and watch what happens when the occasional ‘pot-head’ samples the ‘skunkweed’ he offers to them…

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