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James Mitchel looked about the office. He was applying to a new job. Ever since he was fire form his last things had been going bad for him wiht his wife leaving him and the loss of cash he was ina real down word spiral. But this new perfume factory would need people in fact they were hiring huge numbers actually. He wanted to wokr in the factory's acounting department but he would do manual labor if it emnt a job. '"Job aplicant 6784 your up"said tyhe secretay behind a huge desk James looked at his card seeing it was his number he got up and entered the office. Thinkign to himself how strange it was that he never saw the aplicants leave the door they entered through "Guess sthye must have a door to exit out of" said James to himslef James came to a door at the end of a very short hallway and opened it up toa alrge office actually over lookign the factory it's self. It was a large and complex factory filled with cats and chemicals and what looked liek poepel thye were high up so he wasn't sure. But really he wasn't lookign at thta what he was looking at wa sthe giant animal behind a desk infront of him. The animal looked like a skunk only it was wearign a suit and was veyr large human sized in fact "Now come now son haven't oyu ever seen a Skunk man before"asked the skunk creature "Well no should i have?"asked Jasmes unsure why he was so surprised only moments ago "Well we are evryr where kiddo"said the skunk man "I ma Perseus S. Stripton welcoem to my perfuem factory now I suppose oyu wnat a job "yeah I do actually...I need one very badly"James wasn't sure why he was ayign this he sounded desprite but there was asmell in the air he just had tio identify "Well then why don't you but your resume on my desk and i'll look at it"said perseus "All right"said James putitng his resume folder on the desk. Unfortuantly it seemed to slid off the desk which was starneg because james was sure he but it away formthe edge. he was abotut o bend over and pick it up but Mr Stripton got up form his seat. James was surprised at the sheer size of the skunk man not only was ahe tall but he looked extreamly fat too. The skunk man's girth only added to his aura of control. "Now now allow me accident do happen this desk can be slippery"said Mr. Strip ton wlaking aroun the desk and leaning over to pick up the papers. James standing behind him looked ta the skunk man and noticed somthign else besides the large, very large fluffy billowy tail, the panst on the skunk man were altered to allow the tail free movemtn and right nowe his tail was up showing james a perfect veiw of the skunk's butt. james felt a little embarresed about this when suddnely Mr. Stripton tensed up. james was worried for a second then sudenly a cload of somthign blew out of Mr. Stripton's butt. James suddenl;y reaslised what the smell he had been smellign was it was the smell of a skunk which made an obnvios sense. but now he was totally sprayed. james fought for air in the hoirrible stench. barely noticeing mr Strpton stand up and look at him domineringly. james coughed tryiogn to hold his hand over the smell but his entire body was coated in the smel and it only amd eit worse. Suddenly James noticed somthign his hands were hairy. In fact they down right needed a shave. he looked at his hands ot dioscover they were furry paws. In fact they had black fur on them much l;ike Mr. Stripton. Then he flet the cur growing across his body it itched badly. He could feel it growing in his cloths acorss his face. Then he flet his face push out inot a snout and could actually see his nose turn black adna white stripe comign form it obviously ru ning down his head. james could feel his ears move up his hea dna chnage shape. As the misty musk aprerad away form him. James looked down at hsi furry body. He quickly took off his shoes as his feet felt terribly cramped. After taking off hisd shoes James's socks ripped apaert as new skunky foot paws emerged. Standing up james looked at his body in horro then at mr. Stripton smiling an evil smile "What...why...how?"he bagn to ask when suddnely he felt a tuggin in his pants and a discomfort as if a snake was in his pants and rubbing his legs. james flet the need to push it out and leaned over pushign and pushing when suddeny; a skunk tail ripped out of his pants. "Oh*groan* my *groan* god!"james began when suddnely he released his own skunk musk. Snififng at the oder James mind went fuzzy. Almost as if waking fiorma dream he straitened up "Well son oyur hired now get down there and contribute that wonderful stench of yours"said Mr Stripton "Yes sir"said James. As he left James pulled his billowy tail in front of him so as not to get it cought in the door. He for soem reason felt a tad inquisitive abotu his tail. Which was tsrange he had had this tail for his entire life, right? Mr. Stripeton looked at the window at hsi latest member. He smiled evily. Liek all his skunk men and women the smell on that boy would make other humans into skunks. Mr. Stripton giggled at it all soon his skunk peple would make enough musk to flood the city wiht perfume. Perfume that would transform every human who smelled it or used it into skunks from there on he would go global until the world was amde up of skunk "Mrs Andrews the next aplicant please"said Mr. Stripton itno his intercome End