Real World (?)

Many are the portals from our world to the extra-dimensional realm of the Funhouse.

The most ordinary looking, yet intriguing business establishment or residence... a newly-opened, seemingly innocent amusement park (or perhaps a never-before-noticed attraction within a park long familiar to you)... an appealing product, new to the shelves of your local store... Avail yourself of any of these and you may find yourself in Circe's domain, where her creations, creatures or the goddess herself will assist you in assuming your new form...

"Beasts in the Woods"
This acting troupe is always looking for new members...

The Blue Donkey Bar
Where you are cordially invited to 'act like an ass;'
their first location outside of Pleasure Island,no doubt...

Circe's Smoke Shop
Be sure to read the health warning on the side of the package
about these products' metamorphic properties...
what the hell, smoke 'em if you've got 'em!

Something for your sweet tooth, er, fangs

Finally - PROOF of a real-world TF!
As reported in that unimpeachable source of reliable information, the Weekly World News...
Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Pig's Paradise
The next time I'm visiting the Netherlands, I'm definitely dropping in on Violet Sanders; Tony did, and now he's enjoying himself, big time!

Try this spicy sauce on your next meal -
you won't be sorry!
(Check out the secret ingredient!)

A tourist attraction you won't want to miss
when you visit Times Square...

(...too bad it's not there anymore!)

Hey kids, join the Circe Club!
(New York Times fashion spread)

These guys may lose more than their wallets...
(This link (to a news item outside of the Funhouse) opens in a new window)

A health club guaranteed to get you into shape
(they didn't say
what shape...)

Canine by Design

Circe recommends you visit
this most intriguing 'Bed & Breakfast'...

...during your next Florida vacation
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An innocent, 'harmless' board game?

(Sent in by "Straf" - good dog!)


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