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Saurina's Bog of Delights

Is it her sly, sinister smile? The tender touch of her scaly skin? Her insistently sinuous sensuality? Or perhaps it is the heady, intoxicating aroma of swamp gas (rumored to have both aphrodisiacal and metamorphic properties) burping thickly to the surface of the warmly embracing, magical bog that you somehow stumbled into and is now surrounding both of you...

Whatever the reason, this alligator's amorous attentions have aroused you as no human female ever could. You find yourself growing more lust-crazed -- and more reptilian -- with every stroke and squeeze of her clawed hands and feet... every smack and swish of her powerful, plated tail... every lascivious lick of her tongue and love nibble from her toothsome jaws...

You know that to succumb to this insane passion is to become an alligator forever
but you cannot resist her -- no man can!!!
As you begin responding in kind to her attentions, your jaws stretch out to fearsome length, your tail thrashes mightily through the thick mud, and your gravelly, bellowing roar echoes throughout the swamp...

Surely the loss of your human form is a small price to play for such pleasure.

About that 'stumble'...


How nice of you to drop in (a peek beneath the surface)
"SLURP!" (The fun begins...)

Saurina finishes the job with an affection love *BITE!*

Saurina's Pin-Up Picture
Saurina's Glamour Poster

SSSometimes Ssaurina letss a ssserpentine associate
asssist her metamorphossisss
of an essspecially lucky guesst.
(Sssory, it'sss hard to ssstop talking like thisss oncce you get ssstarted...)

Look into my eyes...
"Cut that out!"
"Don't change him all the way..."
Time to meet Saurina (or, "Smek! Smek! Smek!")
"C-can't re-resist...?"
"--THE TAIL?!"

"Oh NO!" (Watch It Grow!)
"I - I Can't Resist!"
The Moment of Total Gatorization
"He was a good one!"

A Dance With Saurina
by guest Artist "Elwood" (visit his site - now!)

A great guest story from a new Funhouse contributor:
Four guys + 2 reptiles + 1 enchantress = TF's galore...
(Now featuring a great new illustration by Grandstorm!)
Saurina’s Close-Up, Or How I Learned to Love the Bog

Here's another Saurina story that's been in 'As Seen by Others' for a while,
but just like Kintaro's new story deserves a link from Saurina's page as well:

Saurina's Bog of Delights
by "Wolfy"

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