Sighted, Sealed... and Delivered!

Meet erstwhile, ambitious photographer Abe Dhaul.
Today, he's going to photograph the off-limits, protected pinniped colony living that makes its home in the Seal Point Nature Preserve - no matter what!

And come to think of it, that's exactly what happens...

(A really long transformation sequence done as part of an art trade
with the ever-lovin' Eala Dubh - check out his sequence here.)

Over the Fence...

Into Position...

About to Catch a Wave...

Making a Big Splash!

He's All Wet

You Gotta Hand It To Him

They Were the Right Size
When I Put Them On This Morning...

Where'd My Fingers Go?!

Did That Come Outta Me?!

Smile for the Camera!

An Em-bare-assing Moment

Slipped Flippers

Question Mark

Looking At Things Differently Now

Let's Hear It For Our New Seal,
He's Been a Great Sport!


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