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Circe's Funhouse:
The Sexy Stable

Story written by Wolfy
With an assist from 'Bandit'

Circe's Funhouse
Managed by Myron J. Comus, Esq., Ph.D., TF
Under Mystic License, Mystic Inspiration and Magical Permission of
The Enchantress Circe

Phillip Equus took great pride in his work at the Friendly Field Stables. He loved working around horses, carefully grooming them and making sure they looked their best.

He was being very careful lately as there were lots of trainers coming in to have their horses prepared for the local fair. Phillip never missed a chance to go to the fair and watch the horses. He took great pride when a horse he had personally groomed won in any of the various competitions.

Phillip decided to explore the fairgrounds early this year. There was always a new exhibit to see. Walking around, he saw a sign it read:

Circe's Funhouse presents:
The Sexy Stables!
Meet and Greet those Flashy, Flirty Femme Fatale Fillies!
Continuous Floor Show - No Waiting!

Phillip's curiosity was piqued. He was sure he'd never heard of Circe's Funhouse before, but he was more than willing to see what it had to offer.

He followed the directions to a white and gold pavilion near the outskirts of the fair. It too had a sign outside it:

You'll be Stallion For (all) Time
After Visiting the Private Stall Show at
Circe's Sexy Stable!

Phillip laughed at the sign, and entered the attraction.

The inside of the pavilion was dimly lit, except for a small, circular arena surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. Phillip's nose was filled with a heady earthy smell mixed with the familiar aroma of horses. Standing against the fence, Phillip tried to find the light source for the arena, but couldn't. He shrugged. It really didn't matter; he'd come to see the horses. He noticed that there was a long straight strip nearly opposite where he was. A red velvet curtain hung at the beginning of the area 'That must be where the horses come in.'

He thought excitedly. 'Whoever put this together really knows what they're doing.'

Suddenly the curtain parted. A strange fanfare played from an unknown source and from behind the curtain Palominos began entering, their perfect golden bodies glistened in the light as their stately hooves moved in time with the music. Blonde tails swished in a strange way, as if to draw attention to their well-formed hindquarters.

Philip's attention was riveted on the six Palominos now making their way around. He pressed himself even closer against the fence, as if drawn by some irresistible force. Each horse came close to the fence as well, easily touching his body with her own. They passed slowly, and seemed to pause before parting, their silky tails engulfing his face in a loving caress. The scent was intoxicating, and Phillip found himself yearning for each one to stay -- if only a little longer.

He was so caught up in the show that he didn't notice his socks and shows disappearing into a mist, leaving his feet bare against the warm soil or how each tail caress left his face a little hairier and longer.

The music started to slowly pick up its beat and Philip found himself entranced by the sight and scent of the horses. Each time they passed now it seemed that a wave of pleasure ran through him. And with each pass his body began to change more...

His feet slowly grew longer, while his toes began to fuse together. Slowly they darkened and merged until miniature hooves came into being at the base of nearly equine hocks.

Phillip felt a strange tug at his pants as his legs grew larger and thicker, his butt slowly pushing outward against the fabric. He felt relief, rather than concern, when he heard the belt around his waist snap, and the button on his pants popped off one at a time.

He felt his pants snake down his legs, but was much too interested in the Palominos to care. He didn't even notice the strange tingle as brown fur slowly began to envelop his skin or the odd push from the back of his spine as a tail began to emerge.

As the music continued to speed up, Phillip began to clop his hooves in time. The feeling of strength from his near-equine legs delighted, rater than bothered, him and he only barely noticed the swish of his elongating tail.
Soon he felt a strange growing sensation in his upper chest, as equine muscles began to expand there. His shirt felt oddly tight, but his hands seemed to have become numb. He was much too interested in the Palominos to notice when his finger nails darkened and thickened, or the sensation of his fingers fusing together.

Now as his arms lengthened, he found himself leaning forward pressing his fore hooves against the top of the iron fence, more and more wishing he could get just a little closer to the Palominos.

As the music continued to increase in tempo, brown fur crept up his changing arms.

Finally, the music reached a crescendo, the Palominos becoming a golden blur of desire and then -- the music stopped. Phillip let out a low whinny of disappointment, as the six had stopped with the music and turned their heads towards the curtain. After a pause, both infinitely long and infinitely brief, the curtain opened. Out strode the most beautiful Albino Phillip had ever seen. Her fur glistened like moonlight upon snow, tinted a delicate pink by her supple-looking skin. She entered the dais with head raised high, her fathomless blue eyes twinkling with intelligence, and -- mischief?

Her tail was raised high above her rear, and swished elegantly, looking like living water.

She slowly approached Phillip, coming directly at him rather than circling as the other fillies had done. When she was close enough, she turned her side to him.

She winked an incredibly human-like eye at him. Phillip could only watch with rapt attention as she displayed herself in front of him, swishing her tail.

"Oh heyyy! This is ridiculous!" he said as she displayed the dazzling beauty of her loins "Wow, oow!" He panted, desire filling him "She's coming on to me!"

As she moved in front of him, Phillip felt his ears lengthen and move, his face elongating out to a true muzzle. The muscles in his shirt seemed to expand even further, straining it nearly to the breaking point. Phillip felt the fur covering the last of his skin, his face finishing its transformation, and with a sudden riiiip! He felt his shirt give way to the equine muscles beneath. The Albino turned, and with one final flip of her tail, exposed him to a full view of her hindquarters.

From somewhere a small 'ding' cold be heard. Phillip felt his shirt shred into tatters, but found he didn't care. Nothing mattered except the ivory beauty in front of him.

Suddenly the wall he was pressing against gave way. A gate opened and Phillip found himself suddenly top heavy. The ivory filly ran towards the gate leading out, and Phillip ran after on all fours, too anxious to even notice the sign reading "To the Breeding Stalls" pointing in the same direction they were going...


A week and a half later Phillip exited the breeding stalls. The Albino winked at him as he left. "Bye." She said "Come back soon."

Phillip walked tipsily on his four legs, letting out a whinny of excitement. As he walked further, he saw a long mirror. For the first time he could see his new equine body. He liked what he saw.

"I entered the sexy stables on two legs," he said to himself proudly "and trotted out on four!" He gave a leap of joy, happy at his new lot in life.

Not far away, Circe scratched the head of the dog sitting obediently by her side, and smiled. Another VERY satisfied customer…