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Party Animal
by Straf

Imagine during New Year's Eve there is this fellow who arrives early at a major party
to celebrate the new year. The hostess invites him in and comments that
the rest of the quests haven't arrived yet and that she is just getting
the place ready.

She goes into her kitchen and comes out with party
trays stacked with food and places them on some tables around the room.
She playfully tells the guy not to start snacking on the food before his
fellow quests arrive. He promises not to snack but the food she has put
out looks so delicious that it is tempting to try a little here and a
little there. She then goes into her bedroom to dress up for the party,
leaving this guy with all of this food.

He tries to keep his promise as he strolls around the room and looks at each succulent
dish. Near the window he spies a tray filled with these thick crackers that have this
meaty filling inside of them. He picks one up to sniff and it smells
delicious. The dish makes him salivate and he looks back toward her
bedroom from which the sounds of her dressing up can be heard. " She
won't mind if I take just one for a taste-test, would she? She won't
probably see it gone when there is so much on the plate here." He thinks
to himself. So he tries one out. And it is delicious and mouth-watering.

Without thinking about it or feeling guilty about breaking his promise
not to snack her on her party food, he takes another one. As he eats
that one, he begins to change. He kicks off his shoes and stands up on
the tips of his feet and the backside of his dress slacks are pushed
down as a tail with a hooked tip pops out. He eats another one and his
carefully trimmed hair, beard and mustache grow thick and bushy. His
ears move up to the top of his head, become pointy and covered with
long, copious hair. With the fourth piece of meaty cracker, his pants
fall down to reveal canine legs and a lower body that is quickly
becoming shaggy. He stops briefly as he hears his hostess come to the
door of his bedroom.

"What's going on in there?" She says. " You are not
eating any of my food before the rest of my guests arrive are you?" She
sounds a bit peeved until he tells her in a barely understandable voice.
"Grrr, no I am just admiring these little meaty biscuits that you have
got here near the window. What's your recipe, pant, pant.?" She chuckes
at his response and walks out of the room. Instead of feeling like the
kid with the hand in the cookie jar, the character pants happily at the
sight of her and wags his tail before popping another treat in his
mouth. She walks over to him as he leans against the table and playfully
musses up his thick, shaggy fur. " Oh, no big receipe, my fine shaggy
friend. I just slathered some dog food between some doggie treats. You
like it?" She tells him while taking off his dress shirt a button at a

His chest has deepened and broadened and lenghthened. She takes
off his shirt from his shaggy chest and gives him a back rub. No longer
able to speak like a human being anymore, he woofs his approval. "Want
some more? Sit boy, sit boy!" He sits on his haunches as the
transformation reaches its' conclusion and he becomes a large shaggy
Briard. And she picks up an empty bowl from another table, pours some
more of the biscuits into it and places it on the ground near his feet.
Panting happily he begins to woof it down as she takes his clothing and
hides it. She comes back into the room to find that he has finished his
meal. "All gone boy? Good dog, you are such a good dog!" She praises him
and rubs his ear. He woofs and rubs himself against her. She smiles and
puts on a dog collar around his shaggy neck. And then as an added treat,
she puts a party hat on his head. She chuckles at the sight of her new
pet dog. "Now you wait here while I get some more of those special
biscuits for the rest of our guests. I can't hardly wait to see how the
rest of our guests are going to like the rest of my New Year's spread.
By the time New Year's rolls around tonight, this place will be full of
party animals just like you. The character's response as a party animal
is to get up onto all fours and wag his tail happily. He woofs at the
sound of her laughter.

The next morning the New Year's hostess has turned her backyard into a
dog kennel for those guests who sampled those meaty biscuits like her
new pet did. She becomes a dog breeder and the character becomes her top
dog. As for the other guests who didn't sample those meaty biscuits?
Well, she shipped them off to the zoo and a nearby farm.

Happy New Year!!!