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Going to School
by Straf


Rick Weyland, a young college student, is visiting the Funhouse after
hearing about it from his friends. He got to the Funhouse parking lot at
the crack of dawn and joined the long line of tourists waiting for the
place to open. An hour goes by as he waits in line and the line of
tourists grows and grows. Finally at 8 o’clock, two park attendants come
up to the front gate to let the crowd in. As the line slowly moves
toward the open gate, Rick takes a long good look at the two park
attendants and their very realistic costumes. One is dressed up as an
Alaskan Brown bear standing up on its’ hind legs, the other attendant is
dressed up as an anthropomorphic bull with its’ ring pierced through
its’ nose. Rick can’t help but smile along with some of the other
tourists at the pair. The two park attendants look like they came
straight from the Stock Market to tell them their economic fortunes. But
soon Rick is past them and has walked through the Funhouse gates. He
stops in the middle of the meandering crowd and gazes at the signpost
that is standing just a few feet away from the gates. The signpost is
covered in wooden arrows that are pointing in almost every direction
that he can see through the crowds. And on each arrow is the name of a
ride, a game booth, or one of the many pavilions that dot the Funhouse.

He looks at each of the arrows on the signpost. “Where should I go first
on my first visit to the Funhouse? Should I go to the Hall of Mirrors
and see my true self? Or should I visit one of the pavilions first to
see what they are like?” He thinks to himself. He looks at the signpost
and then pulls out a map of the Funhouse from his back pocket. He got
the map from one of his friends before coming here today. He looks at
the map thoughtfully and then closes his eyes. He twirls his left index
finger over the map. He playfully singsongs an old childhood nursery
rhyme as he twirls his finger over the map. At the end of the song, he
stabs his finger at the spot on the map and opens his eyes. He smiles at
where his finger is pointing to on the map. “Madame Circe’s Canine
Obedience School.” Is where his finger points to on the map. Rick flips
the map over to read the description of the place he had picked at
random as the place to go and see first at the Funhouse. According to
the description on the back of the map, the Obedience School is the
place where people can bring their dogs for lessons on obedience
training for a price less than what most real canine obedience schools
can offer. As a result, the Obedience school is one of the more popular
pavilions on the Funhouse grounds. Rick re-reads the description of the
Obedience school and smiles at the thought of watching the dogs go
through their paces. He folds up the map and stuffs it back into his
back pocket. With a bounce to his step, he goes in the direction of the
arrow pointing to Madame Circe’s Canine Obedience School.

Rick arrives at the Madame Circe’s Canine Obedience School just in time
to see one of the Funhouse employees walking to the pavilion with this
very large Old English Sheepdog named Mikey. The employee, Rick and the
sheepdog stop at the entrance to the pavilion and for a few minutes they
talk to each other. While talking to the park employee, he plays with
Mikey. He finds himself liking the large shaggy dog and wonders briefly
at what it would be like to be a dog. As that thought passes through his
head, a warm feeling of power flows through him and arouses him. He
likes the feeling of being with this dog. Soon the conversation between
the park employee ends and the guy and his shaggy friend enter the
pavilion ahead of Rick. On the inside of the pavilion, Rick sees that
the place is divided into two sections. One section he sees is reserved
for people who just want to watch the dogs being trained. This section
is full of colored pictures of dogs of various breeds posted on two
wooden boards. The other section of the pavilion is where the dogs and
their owners attend the obedience class. Rick notes that he is the only
person in the first section of the pavilion. The park employee and Mikey
went into the other section of the pavilion. Rick spends his first few
minutes in the pavilion looking at the dog pictures. Each picture
depicts a single breed of dog and its’ name. “Must be the dogs that
graduated with honors here.” He thinks to himself. He admiringly looks
at each photo in turn. But soon, his roving eyes are resting upon the
picture of a large black dog named Black Beard. Rick recognizes the
breed of dog as being a Bouvier des Flandres, a breed of dog that was
bred for cattle herding and police work in Belgium. And what makes this
picture stand out from the rest is that it is very life-like. All of the
pictures are dull and glossed over with age. But this one looks brand
new and makes the animal in the picture look it is going to jump off the
picture at any moment. Despite the small sign on the poster board that
tells tourists not to touch the pictures, Rick reaches up to touch the
picture of Black Beard anyway. Another warm rush of power flows into
Rick and with that rush, something happens to him. Rick’s normally short
hair grows thicker and becomes unkempt and rugged. His eyebrows become
bushy and make him look sad. A five o’clock shadow appears on the lower
portion of his face and his body becomes stockier and muscular. But he
doesn’t notice that something has happened to him in that brief second.
He just feels good. He feels more alive than what he was a second ago.

Sounds are crisper and distinct. And smells seem to take on a whole new
meaning for him. Just then he hears the sounds of activity coming from
the other section of the pavilion. He hears the sounds of dog panting
and woofing. He hears the metal jingle of the dog collars and tags as
the dogs are put through their paces. Rick also hears the sound of what
must be the obedience course instructor. The firm voice of the trainer
sounds like it is coming from a woman. Her voice is beautiful to his
ears. Her voice has the unexpected effect of making Rick’s ears turn
pointy and causes them to move up the sides of his head. He turns away
from the dog pictures and as he does so, he passes his hand of the
picture of Black Beard again. Another rush of power flows into him and
once again something happens to him. He starts to bear a resemblance to
the dog in the picture that he just touched. His stocky body becomes
hairy and darker. His nails become pointy. The hair on his head grows
thicker even as a thick, heavy beard and mustache covers the lower part
of his face. His once blue eyes darken until they are a shade of
nut-brown. His nostrils flare up as the tip of his nose begins to
darken. Rick again remains oblivious to the changes that are happening
to him. He walks over to the opening leading into the other section of
the pavilion and peers inside.

Upon looking inside this section of the pavilion, Rick briefly finds
himself surprised at what he sees. On a straw covered floor he sees
Mikey and several other dogs sitting on their haunches, panting
contentedly and looking over to the other side of the pavilion. But Rick
doesn’t see any people standing next to their dogs, just the dogs
themselves. He moves his gaze away from the dogs and looks in the
direction that they are looking to. And that is when he sees the
instructor for the Obedience course. The sound of blood roaring through
his pointy and now docked ears blows away all of the other sounds in the
room. His breath quickens to the point where he is panting just like a
dog. For the female instructor is beyond his wildest expectations. She
is so beautiful, beautiful like a goddess. Her skin is a dark shade of
tan that speaks of a Grecian heritage. Her eyes are a shade of olive
with gold flecks flowing across them in an almost hypnotic fashion. Long
black tresses flow down the back of her head. Rick is so enraptured by
her looks that he doesn’t pay into the fact that she is wearing
something that looks like it came out of ancient Greece. Looking at her,
Rick begins to wonder and then daydream what it would be like to be with
her as her constant companion. To take long walks together around the
Funhouse grounds or in a park somewhere. To receive her loving praise
and affection. He finds himself willing to do anything for this woman.
He is so busy staring at her with a glazed look to his eyes that he
doesn’t realize that she has stopped her class and that she and the dogs
are looking at him. She smiles mischievously at him and then at her
dogs. In a deeply sensual voice she speaks to him and the other dogs.
“Well, boys and girls, it looks like we have got a new student to our
class. And by the look of things, he is plainly eager to join us. Are
you willing to join us, my friend?” Rick doesn’t answer her but nods his
head. As he nods his head, another rush of warmth is there to award his
action with another change to his appearance. He stops bearing a mere
resemblance to a dog and starts to actually look like one. The hair on
his hairy body thickens to the point where it actually resembles fur.

His head grows bigger and his neck begins to thicken and lengthen. His
ears are now on the top of his head. And the hair on his head has grown
so thick that is fall down over his eyes. His nose has darkened and
developed a wet sheen to it. And as he opens his mouth, pointy teeth can
be seen. His chest begins to deepen and broaden and press itself against
his shirt. The rest of his clothing feels tight but he pushes aside the
feeling of being uncomfortable as he watches her walk past her dogs and
comes up to him. His breath continues to quicken. She comes over to him
and holds out her hand to him as if she wanted him to kiss it. Instead
he comes up to her and bends down to sniff her hand instead. He then
licks her hand with his tongue. She smiles at him. “What is your name,
my friend?” Her question confuses him. He begins to pant a bit. In a
deep, growling voice, he says, “My name is Rick.” “No it’s not, your
name is Black Beard. Black Beard.” She tells him in a calm voice with
just a hint of amusement. Sheepishly he realizes that she is right, his
name is Black Beard not Rick. “My name is Black Beard.” He tells her
with another growl to his voice. “That’s better. You are a good dog or
you will be one soon. Are you ready to begin your lessons, Black Beard?”
She asks him playfully. Black Beard woofs and pants contentedly as he
nods to her that he is ready for class. She turns to the side and
dramatically waves to him pass her so that he could join the rest of her
furry students. He walks past her and he changes again. By the time he
squats down on the straw covered floor between a St. Bernard and a
Cocker Spaniel, he looks like an anthropomorphic dog. A thick, black
puppy coat now covers his body and pours itself out from underneath his
clothing. His ears are now capable of moving independently from one
another. Bushy eyebrows now give a melancholic look and almost hide his
canine-like eyes. His nose and mouth begin to push outward into a muzzle
full of canine teeth. A long flat tongue pokes its’ way out between his
loose black lips. His neck begins to move to the back of his neck. His
chest continues to deepen and broaden but this time it begins to
lengthen. As he places his hands on the straw covered ground, he sees
that his arms have grown longer and that his hands are paw-like. Looking
down at his chest, he can feel his hips changing to the point where he
could walk on two legs or drop to all fours if he wanted to. Black Beard
moves his shaggy head from side to side to look at the dogs sitting next
to him. He wants to sniff them and play with them. But he hears his
teacher come up behind him and he goes back to squatting patiently
between his fellow dogs. She comes up to him and gives his head a
playful rub. He begins to pant with pleasure from the affection that he
is receiving. From out of nowhere she pulls out a dog collar and
attaches it to his thick, shaggy neck. She then squats down besides him.
“You are not going to be needing your clothing here, so let me take them
off from you.” She tells him in a sensual voice. She doesn’t take his
clothing off. She begins to rub her hands over his back and as she does
so his clothing falls to the ground as pieces of straw. He doesn’t mind
at all that she is stripping him naked. For as she takes his clothing
off, his puppy coat begins to grow thick and shaggy. She removes his
T-shirt and gets him to stand on his paw-like hands and knees. She then
works on his pants and he turns his head to see her pull a docked tail
out of his rump. He wags his tail with glee. By the time his teacher has
turned all of his clothing into straw, he looks less like an
anthropomorphic dog and more like the real thing. A short muzzle has
sprouted from his face which is covered by a really thick beard and
mustache. His eyes still show signs of human intelligence but the mind
behind those eyes is more canine than human. He pants contentedly as she
works on his neck and shoulders. His neck has almost reached the back of
his head and has begun to flow smoothly into his disappearing shoulders.
Black Beard is aware that the other dogs in the pavilion are looking at
him and their teacher with affection. But his eyes are just for her. His
arms are changing now into forelegs and he can no longer use his hands
anymore. He can feel his hips continuing their change into something
that will allow to move happily on all fours. His legs are dog-like and
are now the same length as his arms. As his instructor moves away from
him and back to the head of the class, he bends his head down and looks
at his privates as they disappear under a layer of skin. “Black Beard,
come here boy, come here.” He hears his instructor call him. He looks up
to see her waving her hand at him. With a woof, he awkwardly moves on
all fours over to her. She gets him to sit and as a reward for coming
over to her, she gives him a doggy biscuit. “Good dog, good boy, Black
Beard. Now go back to where your friends are sitting.” He woofs happily
and returns to his original sitting position. She then looks at the rest
of the class. “Before we resume what we were doing when Black Beard
happily joined our class, let’s see what he can do. Black Beard, beg!”
With a woof, he gets up into a half-standing, half-squatting position
and limply holds his paw-like hands in front of him. He then whimpers
for attention. She smiles. “Good dog, Black Beard. Now lie down, lie
down. Black Beard drops to the ground and puts his head between his
outstretched arms. She praises him again and then begins to put him
through his paces. And with each trick she gets him to perform, his
transformation continues.

After a few moments, she beckons Black Beard over to her again. This
time he looks like a giant shaggy dog as big as the St. Bernard next to
him. He comes over to her and butts his shaggy head against her leg. She
reaches down to rub him on the head and gives him another doggy treat.
He pants contentedly again and looks at the other dogs. He is happy to
be with them and the feeling is mutual. “Sit Black Beard. Good dog! You
know something, boy?” She asks him questioningly. He cocks his head at
her. “It is so nice to see people literally go to the dogs just to
please me.” He and the other dogs woof happily at what they know to be
true. Who wouldn’t want to be a dog just to please their mistress? His
teacher crouches down next to him again and playfully fondles him. The
act of affection causes Black Beard to grow smaller and to cause the
last elements of his humanity to disappear. And he doesn’t seem to mind
that he is no longer human. He likes being a large, shaggy Bouvier des
Flandes. He likes being her dog. His teacher then gets up from where she
was crouching next to him and looks at the class. “Ok boys and girls,
time for recess!” The pavilion erupts with the sounds of dogs happily
barking to one another. From a hidden flap in the pavilion wall, some of
the teacher’s friends come in to take Black Beard and his friends
outside. Like eager, little children, they wait impatiently for her
friends to attach leashes to their collars. Black Beard finds himself
paired up with Mikey and his human friend. He is no longer a young
college student who had come to the Funhouse for some personal
amusement. Through Circe’s training, he has become this large, shaggy
dog. Happy, well-trained and obedient. As Circe watches the last of her
class leave the pavilion with her employees, she smiles with pleasure.
“Another group of satisfied customers gone to the dogs. They are going
to make wonderful pets for someone.” Circe then leaves the training area
of the pavilion and goes into the other section. Her amusement goes up a
notch when she sees that one of her Mascots has also gone to the dogs
and is now another Old English Sheepdog just like Mikey. “My day is
never done is it? Always finding someone who has become a party animal
because of me.” She smiles to greet her newest shaggy friend.
Away from Madame Circe’s Canine Obedience school, Black Beard is being
auctioned off to some tourists along with his fellow graduates. He looks
happy that he is about to become someone’s pet. And in a matter of
moments, he is happily walking besides a young man who just used to be
one of Rick’s closest friends. A young man who had come to the Funhouse
to find his Best Friend. He is a very happy dog.

Woof! Woof!