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(note: links in the updates below -- especially to other websites & E-mail addresses -- may no longer be active)

15 November 2002
Guess I have to eat my words, since here I am, a touch over two weeks later with a bit of an update. Nothing by yours truly today, but at As Seen By Others, a total of 3 new stories by 2 of the Funhouse's most inspired authors: "Wolfy" weighs in with a hot 'n steamy prose version of the goings-on at Saurina's Bog of Delights, while SocksCatt offers two new chapters (that's two, count 'em, one and two) of Patches' Funhouse adventures, including a visit to a previously unseen pavilion. (Interesting how quickly Patches has made himself Circe's right-hand cat, isn't it?) I also fixed a messed-up link to That's Transformation! -- sorry for the error.

And now a heads-up: I'll be removing Elwood's drop-dead beautiful 'Congratulations' picture from the Funhouse entrance once the counter surpasses the 65,000 mark. It'll still be available in As Seen By Others of course, but (as much as I love the pic) since the counter will be 10,000 hits over the event being celebrated, I think it's time to move on (Elwood, please forgive me!). I might put a picture of my own up there -- but here's a bright idea I just had this second: if any Funhouse fans want to contribute a picture for the entrance, send 'em on & (if I like it/them), I'll give the pic a temporary home at the entrance and a permanent one in Others. Speaking about the entrance and the counter, here's today's count: 64,453.

28 October 2002
A month to the day since my last update -- which will probably be coming less frequently over the next few months, sorry to say. Circumstances have forced me to hit the road, at least temporarily, which means less time & access to the tools that allow me to create & add stuff to the Funhouse. Don't fear, though: there IS more stuff in the pipeline, including another fun-filled TF sequence (featuring multiple species!) down the road aways.

In the meantime - ta-daa! - here's the grande finale to Teddy Bruno's adventure at the Brewin' Bruin, along with an image from The Simpsons (at this point in time) upcoming Halloween special (set to air this Sunday Nov.3 - 3 days after the holiday, but go figure...) Not the first TF in a Simpons episode either (never mind the Simpsons comic book panels already in That's Transformation! - how about Lisa turning into a camel an Xmas or so back, or Bart's appearance as the Raven in the very 1st Halloween special?). Anyhoo, enjoy the new stuff & see you all soon - I hope! In the meantime, today's count: 63,756.

28 September 2002
A slight organizational regorganization: I've decided split off my earlier (2000-2001) communiques onto their own page, accessible via the above (or this) link. I noticed this page was starting to take a while for my browser to load & figured it was time to lighten the load a bit... Meanwhile, three more Teddy Bruno frames; as you can see, his TF is in the home stretch - go Teddy, go! ... a teeny correction to The Chronicles of Narnia listing in That's Transformation!; seems Eustace's dragon transformation takes place in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader novel and not the first book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as I erroneously credited it to. (I knew that - but thank you "Bubba Gryphon" for pointing out my error - Mr. Big Show-off Smarty Pants, gripe grumble mutter...), then a new story from Socks Catt, a follow-up to his terrific first effort in As Seen By Others. (and if you haven't read that one yet, get yourself a-movin' over there right now, podnuh!)

And this morning's count: 61,824

18 September 2002
A few more frames of Teddy Bruno's ongoing (and far from finished!) ursine transformation; ah, he's turnin' into a fine broth of a bear, he is... I have to admit I'm really enjoying working on this sequence - I'm biased, but I think it might be my best one to date. Also new this update: a fan story by Socks Catt in As Seen By Others - one of the best I've ever read, to tell you the truth - and a tad more information about the new, transformation-themed animated feature Spirited Away. Not much time to chat today, so let me just leave you with this morning's count: 60,469.

10 September 2002
Starting this update on 21 August; let's see when it actually makes it to the Funhouse...

First things first: as you probably noticed, for the very first time a picture graces the Funhouse's Main Entrance, courtesy of the incomparable Elwood. (You can see an assortment of his art in the As Seen By Others pavilion, or visit his own excellent site by clicking here.) He created it to celebrate the Funhouse's (already long-surpassed) 55,555th hit. It's just such an amazing piece of art, I had to share it with everyone who comes to visit - without making them click on links to find it. Thank you Elwood, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Speaking about As Seen By Others, check out two great new stories by a relatively recent finder of the Funhouse, Odis Holcomb, including one inspired by the Funhouse itself -- welcome abroad, Odis! Then it seems we have photographic evidence of Circe's lion-taming skills While-U-Wait; And plus today the Funhouse takes a major step forward in the battle for women's rights, with its very first female transformation picture; from now on, it's no longer a guys'-only club. To make it easy to find, you can view it by clicking above, here, in Bonita's Bunny Hutch, You're Getting to be a Rabbit With me and Miscellania....

This morning's count: 59,154 -- and what does everyone think of the Directory of Attractions' new look?

13 August 2002
Couldn't wait a week? How about 3 days?! Which makes it 3 updates in 10 days!!! Yes, here at Circe's Funhouse we make up in quantity what we lack in quality when it comes to updates...

This time: Two new pictures at the beginning of Saurina's Bog of Delights, plus two new pictures that continue Teddy Bruno's fun-filled, transformation-tinged visit to The Brewin' Bruin! And there's still more to come; stay tuned, podnah! (In the meantime, tonite's count: 56,668.)

10 August 2002
Were you able to wait a whole week? Well, your patience is rewarded - big time, with the premiere of a brand new, ultra-lengthy Comus TF sequence, of an animal I've never previously attempted - courtesy of the inimatble Eala Dubh, whose own sequence went up all of 9 days ago. Way, way back early this year, ED raised the possibility of us doing a TF trade, and finally the fruits of our labors are complete!

Also offered up this morning is a tempting new morsel in the Dessert Parlour, a most unusal new story in As Seen by Others and -- see if you can find it -- a minor but telling change to the recent Lion Taming While-U-Wait addition. And don't worry folks -- plenty more still in the pipeline, still to come!

But before I go, this morning's count: 55,814.

3 August 2002
I can't believe it... I know I promised not to make a big deal over the counter, but the Funhouse has never experienced a spike (sudden increase in hits) like the one since the update two days ago: 380 hits in less than 24 hours, and as of this writing - just under 48 hours after the update - 629 hits!, bringing the counter up to 54,678. You guys are the greatest - thank you all.

Just a minor update, some of the stuff I couldn't squeeze into the last one: another addition to That's Transformation!, some more 'Spirited Away' artwork and a new picture of mine (sort of) in Lion Taming While-U-Wait. See ya inside!

1 August 2002
Well, after a period of TransFur downage followed by the server not letting me upload new stuff ("Open the FTP doors, Hal." "I'm sorry, I can't do that Dave..."), it looks like things have settled down at long last. (And thank you ShadowChaser!) In the meantime, this update is but the tip of the iceberg - LOTS of new stuff on the way; so much I can't fit it all into one update as I had originally intended! For now, enjoy a new pic by yours truly in Miscellania, some more mainstream TF tales in That's Transformation, another possible portal into Circe's realm via Real World Transformation, plus an AMAZING TF sequence by the equally amazing Eala Dubh. (And don't miss the accompanying, inspired-by story by author extraordinare Bob Stein.) It's part of a sequence trade Eala and I initiated earlier this year. (Of course Eala finished his end of the deal months ago, while I'm finally coming down the home stretch on mine - which means stay tuned (hopefully in the next update - COMING SOON!) for a (if I do say so myself) really nifty Comus sequence of a beastie I've never previously attempted...

Like I said, the next update is coming soon, so don't be a stranger (especially now, that (once again) Transfur is back online. In the meantime, today's count: 54,049.

24 May 2002
Just a little update to make up for the long lag until the last one, specifically, some new material for That's Transformation! Enjoy, and (for those of you in the U.S. of A.) have a great holiday weekend! Also, today's count: 50,572 (that's about 850 hits in 5 days; but then again, I promised a while back to stop bragging about the counter...)

19 May 2002
Three months between updates? A new Circe's Funhouse record, I suspect - and I apologize to everyone for keeping you waiting. Real Life has kept me very busy as of late, which is good (paying off those bills) & bad (no time for the Funhouse) To make up for things, here's a brand new pavilion to amuse you. (And thank you 'Bear' for the great suggestion; sorry it took me so long to get around to creating it.) There's a lot more in the pipeline, but unfortunately it may take a while once again; hang in there folks!

The 2nd Anniversary contest is over and we have a winner. Unfortunately (once again), you and he are going to have to wait a while for his winning picture. (See above paragraph for explanation.)

Strangest thing of all: I was googling the other day ( to see where the Funhouse popped up - and I came across a second Circe's Funhouse!!! I've been in touch with its proprietor, who was kind enough to acknowledge this Funhouse's prior existence and provide a link over here from her site. Go check it out & tell her Comus sent ya!

In the meantime, today's count: 49,724 (another milestone approaches - thanks again all!)

14 February 2002
One month to the day of the last one, another update - possibly the last before the 2nd Anniversary Contest ends. (And what are you people waiting for? The contest only has another 2 weeks or so to run & so far I've only received a handful of entries! Get crackin', folks!)

But anyway, for your dining, dancing & transforming pleasure, here's the newest Funhouse goodies: The rest of the color gator TF sequence in Saurina's Bog of Delights ... a new 1-shot in the Canine Obedience School ... an intriguing addition to Real World Transformation? ... and 2 new "Wolfy" (hi guy!) stories in As Seen By Others. Enjoy all!

And the counter: as of right now, 45,061.

14 January 2002
Here it is folks - the first update... of 2002 - a big, fat one to start off the New Year!

Phirstly, my very phirst photomorph (if you don't count Skunkboy that is, one of Mr. Airwick's visitors at the Perfume Garden. This image had a preview on the Transforum and Devil's Donkey (warning: mature content here!) online forums not too long ago) of a somewhat surprised Roo-Go-Round patron... a guest image by "Harethe," depicting the festive scene outside the Szechuan Dragon restaurant once word spreads that this is the place where folks can live out their dragonish dreams... an entirely NEW, IN-COLOR TF SEQUENCE in Saurina's Bog of Delights, plus miscellaneous one-shot pictures scattered throughout, too numerous to mention individually (see the "NEW" icons on the Attractions page)... and the really big news:

Ready? Announcing (oh boy!)

Click here (or just above on the picture) to join the fun and for a chance to win an original Comus (that's mee!)
drawing of the transformation of your dreams!

Oh yeah, I finally figured out the 'missing link' problem that's been plaguing the Funhouse. (When you open HTML files that have been burned onto a CDRom, open them in 'View' mode (NOT 'Make Writable'!) to preserve the original link addresses - sheesh!) All the links on this page should be intact & working once again & I'll be fixing up whatever screwy links that are still out there soon.

And the count: 42,828

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Spring 2000 (9 March, to be exact - okay, so winter's not quite over yet...)

Welcome to the on-line (and long-overdue!) grand opening of Circe's Funhouse!

Like most of you, I've had a life-long interest in transformation, specifically human-to-animal transformation. I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated, not to say transfixed by stories & images of metamorphosis I'd read or seen on television. Disney's The Shaggy Dog had to be one of the formative experiences of my childhood; combine that with learning about Greek mythology in elementary school… the many comic books of the period featuring transformation as a plot device… mix it all together in one kid's vivid imagination - and I was hooked at an early age. Why this primal human fantasy spoke to me so strongly - while millions of others who were exposed to the same material never gave it a second thought - is probably a question that can never be answered.

All this exposure to tales of transformation led me to imagine - and to draw - my own transformation ideas, which grew more numerous, and elaborate, as the years passed. Then one day I came to a sudden realization: these various transformations were taking place in a single, magical locale - an amusement park created expressly for that purpose by the most renown enchantress & practitioner of the metamorphic arts of all time - Circe herself!

I kept this realization to myself; it was the mid-1980s and my discovery of furry fandom was still several years in the future. I couldn't help but think of myself as the only person on the planet obsessed by such imaginings; and even if there were others like myself (which there had to be, I would tell myself in more optimistic moments: even if we only constituted the tiniest fraction of humanity, 1% of 1% of the U.S. population still equaled some 25,000 people!), how could I possibly make contact with them without exposing myself to the ridicule of people who would find the whole affair ludicrous?

Then I discovered furry fandom, and an entire subculture of people who shared my related & overlapping interest in anthropomorphic animal characters. I was part of a community, I had a peer group -- I was a furry! And even better, many of these people were also transformation enthusiasts! In short order they led me to Mark Phaedrus' Transformation Story List & the legendary Transformation Story Archive. But the best was yet to come when a random web search for "transformation" I launched one day out of sheer curiosity led me to the Transformation Ring - and the rest is hysteria…

But enough about me. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Duster, Werekatt & especially Picklejuice for posting my 1st publicly displayed transformation art … & the various folks (& friends I've made as a result) who E-mailed to say how much they liked my art they saw on those sites. It was the validation I'd been looking for all my life, & it helped me decide to open the Funhouse to one & all!

And here we are. For want of a better description, this is Circe's Funhouse version 1.0. Rather than wait until I have every picture scanned in from my archive & the entire site designed to a T (a moment of perfection that will probably never arrive), I've put it online in its current condition. As time progresses (and as time allows) I will be posting more images … improving the site's graphics & navigation options … as well as adding new features and links to other sites of related interest. All of these changes will be noted atop this update page as they occur.

So please, browse away if you haven't already done so on your way here. And if you have any comments, critiques, thoughts you'd like to share with me or suggestions for the Funhouse, go for it! Just click right here to Email me like so. (Hey, this crazy technology really works…)

Myron J. Comus, Esq., Ph.D., TF

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