The All-U-Can-Eat Dessert Parlour

Ahh, chocolate, the indulgence no one can get enough of -
especially the magical variety available at Circe's Funhouse.

It's so devilishly hard to resist the enticing aroma wafting out of Circe's All-U-Can-Eat Dessert Parlour, redolent of rich layer cakes, slathered in thick, gooey frosting... Sundaes piled high with scoop after scoop of Circe's finest ultra-deluxe ice cream... bottomless bowls of the thickest, lip-smackingest pudding... and a cornucopia of cookies, dough-nuts and other chocolatey treats too numerous to mention.

Perhaps that's why the Dessert Parlour is one of the Funhouse's most popular attractions, and why so many sweet-toothed visitors can't help but make total pigs of themselves. And when every single bite makes them grow heavier and heavier, they become the most stunningly obese, lard-laden hogs you can imagine, too!

Some are so taken with their gloriously gluttonous behavior,
they do not even notice -- or care -- that their piggish pursuits have caused them
to take on permanent porcine appearance; for them, a lifetime of constant corpulent consumption lies ahead, with days and nights spent wallowing happily in Circe's always-open mud, fudge and peanut-butter bogs.

Others, however, have an inkling of what is in store for them just at the onset of their metamorphoses, and they guiltily try to desert the Dessert Parlour -- only to fall heavily and helplessly on their bloated bellies. They grunt and squeal in protest, but their growing fat and unfamiliar new limbs have immobilized them; now nothing can stop their transformation into porkers every bit as blubbery as their more eager friends.

Number 13
A Phunhouse Photomorph!

Piggin' Puddin'
(done as a trade with GrandStorm)
Yum, yum, yum! Seems there's an irresistible new dessert to be sampled - and the DreamMaster is going to make sure you enjoy every last bit of your portion. (Er, you did order the Super-Mega-Maxi-Ultra-Jumbo-Oinkola size, didn't you?)
"Pleassshh, nhho mhore"

Happy Hogs:
The Funhouse Proprietor, In Porcine Persona
The Happiest Hog in the World?
Pig Logic
One More Cookie...
The Pig in the Mirror
One Thousand Pounds of Pig
"Oink - Mud!!" (It's actually chocolate ;-)
"Hey, this is fun!"
Rough Sketch for Imaginary Funhouse Comic Book
Not So Rough Sketch for Imaginary Funhouse Comic Book

Puzzled Pigs:
The Suddenly Tight Collar
A long-promised piece for Eala Dubh, executed at Furfright'05

Grunt Oink Slobber
"I Can't Stop Eating..."
The 13 Warning Signs...
NOW IN COLOR! Very Pink, Very Round NOW IN COLOR!

Meet Kestra
A recent commission undertaken for Funhouse fan D.Wiles, tracing the transformation of 'Kestra,' his womanly warrior character...
(as provided by D.Wiles)

Eala Dubh
Piggy Pig

(visit his TF site - now!)
Pigged Out
Big Pig (The Best TF Picture Ever?)

Good Ol' Bacon Boy

Oink! What's happening to my hand?"

When Circe offers you a plateful of irresistable fudge cookies - go for it!
Pig Out! (Story)



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