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Funhouse Attractions

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Can'tus thinkus of any Latinus rightus nowus
Greetings from Anthrocon 2004

Alligator mississipienis I
Saurina's Bog of Delights

Alligator mississipienis II
Circe's Physical Therapy Clinic:

Transduction Transformation


Arcana miscellania



Crocodylus acutus
In A While...

Ecce transmuto
That's Transformation!
(TF's in Commercially Produced Entertainment)

Equus caballus
The Sexy Stable


Macropus giganteous
Ride the Roo-Go-Round

Mephitis mephitis
Mr. Airwick's
Perfume Garden





Oryctolagus cuniculus I
The Bunny Hutch

Oryctolagus cuniculus II
You're Getting to be
A Rabbit With Me

Oryctolagus cuniculus III
Circe's Bunny Elixir



Porticus diva
The Circe Gallery


Serpens draco
The Dragon's Kiss





Ursus horribilis I
The Brewin' Bruin
Ursus horribilis II
Grin and Bear It
Ursus horribilis II
Honey Bear


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