Eala Dubh

Eala - one of the masters of transformation art - and I set out to do a TF sequence trade earlier this year. Of course, Eala finished his in record time while I'm still laboring away on mine.

In the meantime, here's Eala's 11-image masterpiece of bovine bewitchment:

Walking Along...
A Sudden Shove
The Big Push
Putting Your Foot On It
Knocked for a Loop (and then some)
Things Are Changing Fast
Bring on the Heavy Artillery ;-)
What's Going On (or coming off) Here?
I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up
Here, Let Me Help...
Umm... Moo?

Bob Stein

Bob, another longtime kingpin of TF tale-telling was so inspired by Eala's images that he wrote a story based on them, which he's kindly permitted me to share with you:

Summer Bovinox

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