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Welcome to

Anything Can Happen… To You!

"Hi I'm Circe"
She is Circe, the legendary enchantress of Greek mythology.
In ancient times, she took great delight in transforming the occasional unwary visitor
to her island into the animal most appropriate to his or her true nature...

Today, however, we live in an altogether different and much more modern age. And so, to keep up with the times and the world's growing population, Circe has applied her talents to create
Circe's Funhouse: the world's first - and only - amusement, or 'theme' park devoted the magical arts of transformation and metamorphosis. Most amusement parks operate to entertain their guests; Circe's Funhouse differs in that its purpose is to provide Circe with amusement!

Herein, as you will shortly discover, each and every attraction has the power to transform you into a different animal. The pavilion you find yourself drawn to - and thus the animal you become - is a reflection of your true personality, just as if Circe herself had performed your metamorphosis thousands of years before on the island of Aiaia.

Of course, the Funhouse attracts more guests than Circe could ever transform personally. Perhaps you will be transmogrified by the spells she has cast upon the pavilion you choose to enter …or perhaps, once inside, you will encounter therein a seductive female of the species in question who will subtly encourage your metamorphosis … or perhaps, if you are very lucky, Circe herself has planned your bestial destiny from afar and brought you to the Funhouse in order to personally oversee your transformation …

Ready? Then let us proceed to

The Directory of Funhouse Attractions

and discover what lies in store -- for you

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