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3 October...2018!
What's twelve years between friends (or Funhouse fans)? Yes, the Funhouse was offline for way, way too long while I attended to other projects, but bowing to popular demand the Funhouse has returned! Yes, quite a few of the site's links are broken; restoration will be an ongoing project. (Please feel free to contact me via the above Email link if you come across any broken links I may have overlooked.

FYI, almost all of the art here dates back to the first decade of this new-fangled century/millennium we find outselves now emeshed in; my more recent art - transformation and otherwise - can be found on
my furaffinity page

13 August 2006
Well, here's the one TF picture I've managed to do since I've gotten back from AnthroCon - enjoy, because it'll probably be a while until I get around to the next one - sorry!

24 June 2006
Back from Pittsburgh and AnthroCon - whatta blast! Met with an assortment of TF folks, including a long-overdue face-to-face with Drake Duck and his buddy Randy Morpher (who showed up all dodo-ed up; photograph evidence of his avian antics coming soon). This year's jam is on the page you just came from (last year's can now be found on the Miscellania page) and here's a who's who for your benefit:

A bunch of other TF folks were there too who unfortunately didn't get a shot at the jam. Next year I'm going to bring several pages & have a bunch of mini-jams instead of one biggie.

Haven't been doing much drawing lately - lots of real-life stuff keeping me busy, as always. I HAVE been dabbling in Photomorphing & enjoying it immensely. Here's the pic I put on the signs announcing our TF jam:

Pretty scaly, huh? It's the icon I'm currently using on the TF Board, also. I have 1 or 2 photomorphs already in the Funhouse and the next new pavilion I'm planning will have those & several others gathered together in a single location - hopefully sooner rather than later.

Speaking of new pavilions & updates, I've decided from here on to skip listing the specific pictures I'm adding on this page - just too many links & cross-references. Starting with the next update, that info will only be indicated by a or icon next to the pavilion on the attractions page - you'll have to go to the pavilion itself to track down the new pix. This page will henceforth be reserved for gabble gabble & such. Oh, and no more counter updates - or have I mentioned that already?

11 February 2006
Two (count 'em, one and two) brand new pictures in Pig Out! - with a very interesting story behind them.

The pictures were done as a trade with GrandStorm and feature his evil DreamMaster character. I found myself really getting into the idea and putting a lot more work into them than I normally would, considering the very little amount of time I have for TF stuff these days.

When I was done, I immediately uploaded them to TransFur as I normally do with my TF art. TransFur is the best place for the most people to see new TF art the quickest. Within seconds, however, my pictures were taken out of the New Additions gallery and banished to limbo of 'Sketches and Fragments' where no one would ever see them.

Some correspondence with ShadowChaser followed, and I discovered he's now enforcing very strict 'quality standards' for Transfur. I'm not making any claims for my art being better than it is - I'm the 1st to admit my shortcomings in the talent department. However, I believe these pictures were my best TF art in a long time. I was hurt and offended by this deletion and the denial of letting people see and judge my pictures for themselves.

I asked ShadowChaser to delete my entire archive from TransFur and he obliged. I also posted our correspondence on the TF Board, which led to a vigorous discussion there about SC's classification policies. This discussion seems to have led to some changes on TransFur that evidently allow people to view recent additions no matter how they're classified. I'm glad that my action triggered those changes, and I'm grateful for the support I got from people on the TF Board during this little tempest. However, from here on & until further notice, the Funhouse will be the only place to see my art.

14 January 2006
Happy New Year, TF fans! No big update, just a few additions to Real World (?) Transformation.

If anyone's curious about why the Funhouse's URL is switching from www.circes.us to www.circesfunhouse.com, well, it's a long story... the short version is there are unforseen complications involved with holding onto the old URL that make it far simpler to simply ditch it and start anew. Sorry for any confusion. Hmm, maybe I should start with a new counter, too...

8 December 2005
Had to add some concept art from the 1996 Pinocchio live-action feature sent to me by a Funhouse fan. (Wish they had done the TF like this in the movie!) By the way, anyone desiring to see a cornucopia of Pinocchio donkeys should go to either Chica or Drake Duck's Pinoke pages.

14 November 2005
Talk about synergy; Kintaro's Saurina story has inspired a Funhouse fan to provide a sizzling pic to accompany the tale of growing tails. Couldn't wait to post this one.

Oh, and as for the Funhouse counter: someone must've dropped a neutron bomb on it, because for the last week or so it's read a (truly) unbelievable 2,082,812,590 (sure, sure...); until I can figure out what's going on here, I'm not going to bother posting the count for the duration.

8 November 2005
A great guest story from Kintaro premiering in both the Bog of Delights and As Seen By Others (or you can just click on the link right here): "Saurina’s Close-Up, Or How I Learned to Love the Bog." This story is so good it couldn't wait for a larger update. As you'll discover, Saurina's snake buddy - who's gone unnamed all this time - is actually known to his friends as... well, read the story and find out. (You'll also discover he can perform a very nice - or two - TF without Saurina's help, by the way.)

Tonight's count: 163,329 - up 823 in two days. Yes, the Funhouse is rocking again!

6 November 2005
A few more recent pieces added on: A new pig-ture in Pig Out! and a quickie con (FurFright '05) sketch in Miscellania. And the update: 162,506.

5 November 2005 - Late Afternoon
I suddenly realized an entire Funhouse pavilion had somehow vanished at some point in the past! I checked the files & all the images & the pavilion's html page were intact, but somehow the listing for The Dragon's Kiss must've been inadvertently removed from the Directory of Attractions. That grievous error is hereby corrected. My apologies to all the dragon fanciers among the Funhouse enthusiasts. (And I don't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure I drew these pictures before that lady dragon showed up in Shrek.)

It also looks like the Funhouse counter has made a return at 162,317; go figure...

5 November 2005
At last, after months of not being able to update, then a few weeks of the Funhouse mysteriously vanishing, my password works AND the Funhouse is back online. (Now if only someone can tell me why the counter was replaced with a dummy permanently reading '1' after the real one was up to something over 166,600, if memory serves me correctly...)

Well, what's new? Bigger, better and clearer pictures of Mr. Airwick, The long-promised Acupuncture Clinic and a few new pix in That's Transformation, including (just in time for the movie) restored links to those Narnia TF pictures. There's a bunch more stuff backed up in the pipeline (sounds like I need a laxative, doesn't it?), so as the rest of my life permits I'll be a little bit more active here again from here on. In the meantime you can always visit Transfur where I've been posting images while the Funhouse was inaccessible.

Just a little more info on the TF Jam still gracing the Funhouse entrance: this past July at AnthroCon in Philadelphia, an incredible number of TF artists were in the same place at the same time. We found a big, unused table at the end of a hallway where we all went to work. A few people squeezed in at the last second - next year I'm bringing a bigger piece of paper - 8.5x11 just won't do! I should sit down and do one of those outline keys to who did what, but frankly I've forgotten who half the folks are. I may have some notes around here, but it's already 4 months ago...

27 September 2005
Finally got a password puzzle solved, so here I am back online. Been posting my pics onto Transfur for the last few months. Hopefully as time goes by I'll be moving that stuff over here. In the meantime, enjoy the TF Jam from this past July's AnthroCon in Philadelphia - and if you're at Furfright in Hartford CT, don't miss the TF panel!

29 April 2005
Yet more new stuff in As Seen By Others and Real World(?) Transformation; plus finally, a long-overdue peek at last year's AnthroCon TF Party; meanwhile, in one day the count has gone up to 147,048.

28 April 2005
Some miscellaneous updating in As Seen By Others, Real World(?) Transformation and That's Transformation! As a time-saving measure (for me, that is), I'm no longer linking to new items from this page. Sorry, you'll just have to go directly to those pages - or to the Directory of Attractions - to see what's new. And tonight's
count: 146,928.

17 April 2005
Just to let you know I'm not dead, here are two porcine commissions I did recently for a Funhouse fan. (Did I mention I'm now taking commissions?). More new stuff in the pipeline, too - please be patient! The count: 145,663.

2 February 2005
Is this better? Two of those photomorphs I mentioned, one in The Camels' Tent and the other in Mr. Airwick's Perfume Garden. Tonight's count: 137,722.

30 January 2005
Hey, what's six months or so between friends? What can I tell you, real life has been a b***ch and half lately. Plus I've been working on some other creative projects that unfortunately take precedence over the Funhouse. (Yes, it's true, there are other things in my life besides the Funhouse...)

Just to let you know I'm not dead, here's a couple of additions to the front page: a cartoon gag I've been working on forever, and a self portrait taken after a visit to the Dessert Parlour. I've been playing a bit with photomorphing as of late; look for more of those along with a new sequence (& some other goodies) next time I have a chance to do a real update (which hopefully will be sooner than 6 months from now!)

Today's count: 137,147

31 July 2004
Oliver, I took your advice to heart & fixed those missing pix in Getting to be a Rabbit; in fact, they look even better now than when I first posted them. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the HTML page containing the lyrics to the You're Getting to be a Rabbit With Me song; restoring that link will have to wait a while.

Meanwhile, there appears to be something wrong with the counter at the moment. Usually there's a significant jump after an update, but it's gone up a mere 2 since last night (!) to 123,528. Go figure...

30 July 2004
Yes, YES, YES!!! Anthrocon 2004 was one of the best experiences of my life! I opened up the Funhouse to the con & hopefully made a few new converts. (Not to mention meeting a bunch of regular Funhouse visitors for the first time ("You're Comus?!") The experience - and the art I created and collected over the weekeknd - has its own, brand new page - enjoy!

Plus, new stuff in As Seen By Others, including a pair of pix from Beast Boy and a skunk TF story from Drake Duck, plus a cool new Lion pic in guess where. Whew, I'm pooped; been meaning since I got back from A-con to do this fershlugginer update. Let's wrap it up with the latest tally: 123,526.

folks really a sequence, but a mini-mess of new pictures in an old favorite, Ride the Roo-Go-Round! Not much time to chat tonight, so I'll leave you with

25 June 2004
Not really a sequence, but a mini-mess of new pictures in an old favorite, Ride the Roo-Go-Round! Not much time to chat tonight, so I'll leave you with the count as of this moment: 120,379.

3 June 2004
A small update this time around, including some changes to The Circe Gallery, an intriguing new item in Real World (?) Transformation and a new addition or two to The Funhouse - As Seen by Others: a most excellent TF tale by Oliver, and the debut of a talented fellow who goes by the name of Provolvere.

Today's count: 117,329

27 May 2004
A whole new pavilion, with a twist: The Circe Gallery, devoted to images of the goddess - not just by myself or Funhouse fans, but by artists throughout the centuries! Check it out!

This morning's count: 116,368.

19 May 2004
Less than a week & already another update! No new artwork from yours truly this time, but a whole mess of stuff from the Fans of the Funhouse in As Seen by Others, along with quite a few additional items in That's Transformation! Personally, I think the piece de resistance of this update is Elwood's (as usual) drop-dead fantastic coloring job on one of my Big House pictures. (This picture makes me look like I'm actually a halfway decent artist!) And this morning's count: 115,202.

13 May 2004
Hey, are we on a roll or what? Making up for MONTHS of inactivity & the Funhouse going into hibernation for a while there. It looks like the Funhouse is now 99.9% open. (Let me know ifyou hit any busted links, folks.) While restoring Eala Dubh's bull transformation sequence, I came across some new pix of his he was kind enough to create for me a while back I never got around to posting - until now.

And tonight's count, after only 2 days at our new place of biz-niz: 114,158!

And the

12 May 2004
Well, it looks like I'm having a wee spot o' trouble getting all of the Funhouse up & running smoothly. Bear (or bull or bunny, as you prefer) with us until all the bugs are worked out (sorry, vertebrates only here at the Funhouse). Since last night, I've enriched 'That's Transformation!' with additional additions in the (brand new!) 'High Culture' section as well as a 'super' new addition to 'Comics', the latter courtesy of Funhouse superfan Oliver!

Anyway, fully online or not, since opening the doors at TF Central a mere 24 hour or so ago, the counter has already moved up to 113,772.

11 May 2004
Hello and welcome to the Funhouse's new home here on TF Central - thanx, Blackburn! Celebrating the move with two, count 'em, two brand spanking(well, actually no s&m here, sorry folks)-new pavilions: The Dragon's Kiss (a long-overdue and justly-deserved reward to 'Loathsome Dragon' for capturing the Funhouse counter landing on the magic 100K threshold) and Circe's Physical Therapy Clinic, inspired by a true-life experience experienced by yours truly! As icing on the cake, how about a mess of not-new but definitely improved ursine TF images now on display in the Bear In Mind pavilion, or a couple of new kids' books in That's Transformation! ?

As for that counter, it looks as if it picked up where it left off when we signed off at Transfur, at the 113,367 mark. And away we go!

31 January 2004 - 2nd update
Well, it's cold out today, so here's a new and improved version of those frame captures... and while we're in an asinine frame of mind, a long-overdue poster for 'Pleasure Island Products' (This one has been sitting in the archive for years) by the one and only Bob Stein in As Seen By Others. (It's also in the DonkeyDope Pavilion, but don't tell anyone.) And today's updated count: 107,583.

31 January 2004 - 1st update
Premiering today in That's Transformation: my first attempt at using my computer for frame captures off the DVD drive; they look a little small and dark, but what the hey... today's count: 107,508.

28 December 2003
Just got the new picture gracing the Funhouse entrance from the fabulous Elwood. (Now we know which pavilion Mr. 100,000 chose to enter!) Couldn't wait, had to post it ASAP. Enjoy it folks, & thank you Mr. E! (Don't forget to visit his superb Raccoon Page, too!)

Just updated this update Monday morning the 29th; the count right now: 101,784.

20 December 2003 (a few hours later)
Here's the wrap-up of today's festivities: The long-delayed conclusion to The Big House. The count at this late hour: 100,199. I'm tired - goodnight!

20 December 2003
Oh happy day...

Captured at 11:22am in a time zone yet to be determined - thank you 'Loathsome Dragon'! So it seems Honesty Counters lays another digit on you when you cross the 100,000 threshold; thanks to you guys too! Oh, and by the way, anyone in the mood for a taste of Bunny Elixir?

Come back a little later tonight for the Big House's big wrap up (still undergoing a few final tweaks). And as of 7:56pm Eastern US time, that little ol' counter now reads 100,000 plus another 138. Thank you one and all for taking the Funhouse to your heart!

18 December 2003
Now counting down the last 1,000...

Here's something that couldn't wait: a Christmas TF Story from Funhouse Fan 'Arcticwlf,' now up in As Seen By Others just in time for Chanukah. And today's count: 99,165.

17 December 2003
Just to tantalize everyone, 2 more pictures for The Big House. And a big fat tease (nothing to do with the Big House, actually): The brand new Bunny Elixir pavilion is almost ready to open to the public -- in fact, I think opening day will be the day the counter hits the magic number! And speaking about magic numbers, in just the past two days the counter has lurched upwards by some 740 visitors to 98,784. See you real soon!

15 December 2003
Okay, now it's a race against time...

I had hoped to add a bunch of stuff in time for visitor number 100,000 -- but the counter has been zooming up as of late. It seems as though twice as many people visit the Funhouse these days as before, both on an 'average' day, and after I update. So 100K will probably hit before I have a chance to add everything I wanted to. So to continue the celebration even before the big number hits, here's some long-overdue additions to The Big House, a new picture for Lion Taming While-U-Wait, and, while we're on the subject of the Big Cats, more of Jesse Guiher's tiger pix in As Seen By Others; and if you can't wait for the next, brand-new pavilion, here's a sneak peak at -- Bunny Elixir!

And the count as of this morning: 98,041; 100,000, here we come!

8 December 2003
Just noticed that ol' counter on the front door is rapidly approaching the 100,000 mark (will another digit magically appear? will it revert to zero when the day arrives? I don't have a clue) and figured I begin celebrating by unleashing some of the art 'n items I've been saving up. Check out Miscellania ... In A While - Crocodile! ... That's Transformation! ... Pig Out! ... and Grin and Bear It! (Sorry, but I'm getting too lazy to put direct links here to the new items individually like I used to.) Plenty more where all this came from, too - stay tuned!

And tonight's count: 96,005(or just 3,9950 to go...)

29 October 2003
Don't even ask; don't even ask...

But I'll tell you anyway. To be brief: fixing up my residence... 2 part-time jobs plus occasional freelance work on top of that... looking for full-time work... then throw in a few other creative projects -- & something has to give. In this case it was, for the last five (!) months, the Funhouse. I've been telling people there was a lot of stuff backing up in the pipeline & here's a bit of it: new goodies in As Seen By Others and even a picture by yers trooly in Miscellania. I'd love to stay & chat, but I've got lots - and lots - to get around to. See ya!

Oops, almost forgot the count: 91,225. (Getting close to the next turn of the odometer, aren't we?)

5 June 2003
Hey, like the new image gracing the Funhouse entrance? I sure did - that's why I put it there! It's the handiwork of the breathtakingly talented Lucius Appaloosius, one of several new images that today joins his other terrific work in As See By Others. Like Elwood's superb 'Babe' take-off, every now and then a picture so perfect comes along from a Funhouse fan that it deserves to grace the entrance for a spell. Hats off to you, Lucius Appaloosuis!

Let's move on, because it's a big update today:

Speaking of big, two new images join The BIG House... boy did that pavilion have an impact on you folks (then again, beasts that big can't help but make a big impact, as their visitors are discovering!);

I was visiting one of the Funhouse's very first attractions, The Bunny Hutch recently for a carrot or two, and after all these years realized that several previously key moments of metamorphosis had been left undepicted. That oversight is hereby corrected;

and finally, Circe has been so pleased by the superb class of canines the Obedience School has been attracting as of late (for instance, check out this quartet of pickled pooches in their doggy debuts), she decided to rename that particular pavilion The Canine Obedience Academy; sounds a heck of a lot classier, doesn't it?

In the wake of the 'praise' recently heaped upon us by The Portal of Evil, I learned of a second website that felt free to offer its opinion about the Funhouse a while back. (Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to reach our write-up. Since these links will take you outside the Funhouse, they open in a new browser window on top of this page.) Great artists are never understood in their own day -- and by the way fella, you can find Circe in plenty of the pictures here!

Finally, in order to make this page load faster onto your computers, last year's Updates can now been found on a separate page all their own. And lest we forget: today's count is 78,967.

27 May 2003
Making up for lost time by catching up on a bunch of great stuff sent in by Funhouse fans: The conclusion of Roy LeBay's massive trickster tale, 'The Pooka Problem,' as well as the first batch of a long-overdue passel of fantastic art from Lucius Appaloosius, previously represented solely by his 'Centaur Stage' effort in As Seen By Others. Also, a new (to the Funhouse but out-of-the-archives) rabbit sketch by yours truly in Getting to Be a Rabbit With Me.

An apology to all: A small but critical error crept into The Secret of Mr. Airwick's Scent in the previous update. Fortunately I was able to convince Mr. Airwick the mistake was not mine, but that of an unlucky intern (who is now wandering the Perfume Garden in a daze - and in a handsome black and white fur pelt).

And that ever-lovin' update: 77,454.

22 May 2003
The updates are fewer and further between these days - but hopefully better and worth waiting for.

So, to be quick and get back to my real world worries, enjoy a brand new pavilion - The BIG House, just opened for your oversized pleasure and a new picture gracing the Obedience School. Plus, I've decided to reveal the secret of exactly how Mr. Airwick's scent works its magic. (Hold your nose - or go for those racing stripes if you're of the mind.) By the way, if you'd like to see some insensitive clods insult the Funhouse and try to hurt my feelings, check out the attention the kind folks at The Portal of Evil website rewarded us with recently. (The POE link will open in a new browser window on top of this one).

That's all for the moment, but there's plenty more in the pipeline, including some knockout guest art and stories I'm hoping to add soon - a lot sooner than you had to wait for this update. And in the meantime, today's secret number: 76,384.

Hurrays and hooplas all around!!! Boy, does 3 years go by like that these days or what?

Well, I thought I'd offer something special for this special update (even though the actual official anniversary isn't for another 2 days - I won't have a chance to get near the computer then), something way back, deep in the archives. Enjoy this rare, one-of-a-kind example of pre-cyberspace Funhouseana that's just taken up reference in Grin and Bear It. (I hope this makes up for the lack of an Anniversary contest this year; maybe the contest will return for the Funhouse's Fabulous Fourth Anniversary... one never knows.) In the meantime, are you ready for the 3rd, 4th and 5th installments of Roy LeBay's The Pooka Problem in As Seen By Others? Trust me, it's worth reading each and every word; also, another example of kid-directed TF storytelling in That's Transformation. Before I leave to start work on the Funhouse's 4th year, here's today's count: 68,114.

21 February 2003 (2nd update)21 February 2003 (2nd update)
I knew I had a few pics of my own lying around ready to upload; glad I took a second look in the inbox... our would-be lion tamer gets even longer in the tooth While-U-Wait, and here's a Funhouse first: a collaboration between myself and 'Mr.F' in a follow-up picture to our basement-dwelling friend the Packrat. (You can also link to the picture from the Miscellania page.) And the count since approximately 20 minutes ago: 66,182.

21 February 2003
Happy new year, happy campers! Sorry for the 3-month+ delay, but that's life in the Big City. Here's a long overdue update, featuring cool new stuff in As Seen by Others (including stories from Roy LeBay and Lucius Appaloosius, two authors new to the Funhouse) and That's Transformation! Nothing by yours truly at least this time around, but I hope to shake a few new TF pix out of my sleeve sometime soon.

As promised/warned, 'Don't call her Babe,' Elwood's beautiful rendition of Circe surrounded by her pets has left the Funhouse's main entrance. I hated to do it, but the occasion it's celebrating - the Funhouse's 55,555th visitor - has long passed by. You can still view the picture in all its beauty in As Seen By Others, but for now it's been replaced by an oldie by yours truly.

Sorry to have to tell you there won't be a 2003 Funhouse anniversary contest. I'm just way too backed up at the moment, and to tell you the truth, I still haven't gotten around to drawing last year's winning picture. (Still on my 'to do' list, don't worry.) And finally for tonight, the count: 66,173.

Click HERE to view 2002 Updates

Click HERE to view 2000-2001 Updates


Spring 2000 (9 March, to be exact - okay, so winter's not quite over yet...)

Welcome to the on-line (and long-overdue!) grand opening of Circe's Funhouse!

Like most of you, I've had a life-long interest in transformation, specifically human-to-animal transformation. I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated, not to say transfixed by stories & images of metamorphosis I'd read or seen on television. Disney's The Shaggy Dog had to be one of the formative experiences of my childhood; combine that with learning about Greek mythology in elementary school… the many comic books of the period featuring transformation as a plot device… mix it all together in one kid's vivid imagination - and I was hooked at an early age. Why this primal human fantasy spoke to me so strongly - while millions of others who were exposed to the same material never gave it a second thought - is probably a question that can never be answered.

All this exposure to tales of transformation led me to imagine - and to draw - my own transformation ideas, which grew more numerous, and elaborate, as the years passed. Then one day I came to a sudden realization: these various transformations were taking place in a single, magical locale - an amusement park created expressly for that purpose by the most renown enchantress & practitioner of the metamorphic arts of all time - Circe herself!

I kept this realization to myself; it was the mid-1980s and my discovery of furry fandom was still several years in the future. I couldn't help but think of myself as the only person on the planet obsessed by such imaginings; and even if there were others like myself (which there had to be, I would tell myself in more optimistic moments: even if we only constituted the tiniest fraction of humanity, 1% of 1% of the U.S. population still equaled some 25,000 people!), how could I possibly make contact with them without exposing myself to the ridicule of people who would find the whole affair ludicrous?

Then I discovered furry fandom, and an entire subculture of people who shared my related & overlapping interest in anthropomorphic animal characters. I was part of a community, I had a peer group -- I was a furry! And even better, many of these people were also transformation enthusiasts! In short order they led me to Mark Phaedrus' Transformation Story List & the legendary Transformation Story Archive. But the best was yet to come when a random web search for "transformation" I launched one day out of sheer curiosity led me to the Transformation Ring - and the rest is hysteria…

But enough about me. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Duster, Werekatt & especially Picklejuice for posting my 1st publicly displayed transformation art … & the various folks (& friends I've made as a result) who E-mailed to say how much they liked my art they saw on those sites. It was the validation I'd been looking for all my life, & it helped me decide to open the Funhouse to one & all!

And here we are. For want of a better description, this is Circe's Funhouse version 1.0. Rather than wait until I have every picture scanned in from my archive & the entire site designed to a T (a moment of perfection that will probably never arrive), I've put it online in its current condition. As time progresses (and as time allows) I will be posting more images … improving the site's graphics & navigation options … as well as adding new features and links to other sites of related interest. All of these changes will be noted atop this update page as they occur.

So please, browse away if you haven't already done so on your way here. And if you have any comments, critiques, thoughts you'd like to share with me or suggestions for the Funhouse, go for it! Just click right here to Email me like so. (Hey, this crazy technology really works…)

Myron J. Comus, Esq., Ph.D., TF

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