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Saurina's Bog of Delights
by "Wolfy"

Chris Gatori was lost. What had started as a pleasant walk in his local park was turning into an unsought adventure. He wasn't sure exactly how he lost his bearings - the park really wasn't that large - but somehow he had. It didn't help that the park seemed to stretch on and on. More mysteriously, the forest had started to become more boggy and swamp-like as he went along. Sure, it had been a warm, wet summer, but the changes went further than just temperature. The plants seem to be changing as well. Just as he was trying to head back, a strange aroma started hitting his nose. It was very invigorating, and slightly intoxicating.

'Well,' Chris thought, taking in the aroma 'it can't hurt to keep walking. I'm bound to come on someone sooner or later.' As he continued to walk he began to notice how soft the ground was. He briefly entertained the idea of going barefoot, but dismissed it. Suddenly Chris's foot sank into a small pool of very wet mud. He was able to get it out quickly, but when it came out a strong bust of the intoxicating swamp fumes came with it. Chris found himself suddenly thinking about large reptiles; how strong they were, how great their scales looked, how nice it might be to become one…

He shook his head sadly with the last thought. Becoming a reptile was impossible, despite it's new appeal to him. 'At least I can enjoy the swamp and pretend, he thought, moving on.

Saurina knew that someone had entered the swamp. She hoped that he was cute, since the cute ones always made the best alligators. She rushed excitedly to her favorite quicksand pool. The magic of the swamp would lure her guest to here, and then the REAL fun would begin.

Waiting patiently in the tall grasses and weeds near the quicksand pool, she left her tail hanging out just enough to trip her unwary visitor. She watched, grinning as the human drew closer. His head was in the air, taking in more of the magical aroma of the swamp. 'Good, that will make my job MUCH easier.' She thought. 'Just a few more steps…' Then, with a flick, crooked her tail just enough to trip him.

Chris felt something smack against the bottom of his left leg. Too late he saw that there was a quicksand pool before him. "NO!" He cried out as he fell.

SPLUDTCH! Chris landed face forward into the warm, soft ooze. He tried futilely to free himself from the absorbing substance, succeeding only in kicking off his shoes. As he struggled Saurina made her way into the pool. She smiled at the futile attempts her visitor made to leave. No one had ever escaped her.

The warm, soft quicksand easily hid Saurina's movements. Her victim had either remembered that it was quicksand, and that movement led to sinking or he was falling even further under the swamp's spell. Either way she was going to have fun.

Chris stopped struggling against the quicksand when his other shoe fell off. It was strange feeling the warm semi-liquid substance between his toes. His shirt and pants were thoroughly soaked, yet he wanted to feel more of it next to his skin. In a way it was almost like being on a waterbed. It was kind of fun and strangely relaxing. He let himself enjoy it for a while. He'd have to figure out something sooner or later, but he wasn't in any immediate danger.

Then he felt it, a sudden strange movement from beneath. Before he could react, four strong claws had grabbed his body and a saurian head rose from beneath the thick mud. A weak "ulp" was the only sound he could make. Chris felt the beads of sweat develop on his skin as he stared down the alligator's snout - now he was done for!

Suddenly the gator seemed to smile. "How nice of you ta drop in." said the gator in sultry, southern, feminine voice. Chris could only stare. Surely he was hallucinating! "Ya all are goin' ta LOVE my hospitality to strangers!" she said, and then started to slowly rub his chest and arms with her front claws while simultaneously rubbing the tops of his legs with her back claws. Chris found himself in a moment of wild ecstasy as the rubbing sent pleasure through his body. He felt his shirt and pants slowly tear away under her rubbing, leaving his skin exposed to the quicksand and the alligator's caresses. He moaned in pleasure as the claws masterfully rubbed and stroked his arms and legs. He couldn't see how the areas being rubbed were getting scalier, he only felt strange, wild passions running through him.

Slowly the scales spread across his arms and legs, covering more and more area. Those already covered were even more sensitive to Saurina's touch than his normal skin, and Chris found himself wishing his entire body were so sensitive. His wish was soon fulfilled as the scales crawled across his back and chest, reaching up to his face. His face, now covered in scales, was still small and human, but his neck was thickening, aided by Saurina's rubbing. Chris noticed nothing except that the intensity of the gator's rubs were increasing, and perhaps a strange growing sensation near the back of his spine. A tail was slowly working its way out as gator-like ridges started working their way on his body. He had hardly noticed the growing tail until now, but he suddenly felt a strange, intensely pleasurable rub on it. At the same time Saurina gave him a huge wet slurp!

Chris woke out of his euphoria. What had he been thinking? This was a GATOR he was with!

He tried to renew his struggles for freedom, but found he could not escape. He felt the quicksand over more of his body. It's warmth and wetness had relaxed his muscles. At the same time he felt his clothes slowly sliding off his body. It was strangely relaxing, and the tongue of the gator felt good against his scaly skin. Chris fell back into a state of bliss, only vaguely noticing the changes occurring to his body. The nub of a tail he had was growing, gently encouraged by his reptilian host. While he could feel his face stretching, see a snout starting to develop from his face, Chris somehow could not realize that he was turning into a male alligator. Instead, he found himself starting to return some of the gator's caresses, taking pleasure touching her and being touched by her.

Suddenly he felt a playful smack at the back of his tail. It was not painful, but it woke him out of his dream-like state. He stared at the alligator as she slurped the bottom of his snout, only then realizing what was happening to him. He struggled and pulled, but he was not just fighting the alligator, but himself. The thoughts he'd been having flooded to his mind 'No I don't WANT to be an alligator!' he thought, struggling as he felt the last of his pants fall off. 'But you DO.' Whispered another part of his mind. 'Why not hold her, love her, give into all your desires?'

'I - I can't. I mustn't!' Chris thought, desperately trying not to return the caresses, give into his lustful fantasies. His face still continued to stretch outward, becoming ever more gator-like. His tail grew as well, and with every stroke and rub, he felt himself desiring more.

Rub after rub came to his tail, stroke after stroke to his reptilian body. Just as his passions reached their highest, a bite came to his neck! It was a love bite, filling him with ecstasy and making him bellow out his pleasure. His face finished pushing out and his tail reached its full length. He was now completely a male gator.

Saurina gave her guest a few more tail rubs. Chris couldn't help the growls of contentment, though he was still trying mentally to deal with what had happened to him. Saurina gave one last slurp and detached herself from her guest. She left the way she had come, there would be time for more fun later, but her guest needed a chance to rest.

Chris blinked - the gator was gone. He felt stronger than he ever had in his life. He floated in the quicksand for a while before paddling his way out. He crawled out of the quicksand pool easily. The soft mud of the swamp felt strangely pleasant against his belly and claws and the aroma of the swamp was even better to his new nose. 'Becoming a gator was a small price to pay for what I just experienced.' He thought wistfully. The female gator was nowhere in sight, but Chris knew he'd meet her again sooner or later. The swamp was his home now.

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