The Funhouse...
As Seen By Others!

Whether inspired by their visits to the Funhouse, their own imaginations or some combination thereof, there are plenty of folks out there who enjoy Circe's predilection for sensual, surreal and sneaky transformations enough to imagine others' encounters with the Enchantress and her theme park. Like myself, they've attempted to capture their fancies in word and/or image, and were kind enough to share them with me.
Now, with their permission, the Funhouse's newest pavilion is dedicated to their creations:

Art - Stories - Pavilions


Here's a first: a Funhouse fan artist inspired by a Funhouse fan writer to provide an illustration for the latter's story - namely Saurina’s Close-Up,or How I Learned to Love the Bog; enjoy! (& for more of GrandStorm's grand art, visit his Deviant Art page via the above link.)

Drake Duck
Drake's a long time TF pal whose skunk TF story can be found below. Here's a few pics he's sent me as of late:
Claws a'Poppin'

I love those sproingin' toenails!; in fact, this pic actually planted the germ of an idea for a new bear TF sequence in my head...
(Beer? Hashish? What other intoxicants are left? Let's see if I ever get around to making this idea a reality...)
Lucky Feet
Quacking Up
(What do you expect from a guy named 'Drake Duck'?)

A pair of pix from a new Funhouse contributor
(no relation to the Teen Titans hero, I assume...);
go ahead and E-mail him!

Jesse Guiher
Meet a red-blooded, meat-eating visitor to the Funhouse who notices a steak (and bath) house that's just too tempting to pass by...
I am feeling a bit hungry

Dropping his fork

It's not indigestion

You're going to have to pay
for that tablecloth

Flat on his back

Jesse's promised there's more to come; let's keep our fingers (or paws, hooves, feathers or whatever) crossed...

Over the last year or two Foxx's artwork has gone through an amazing transformation. When I visited his website earlier this year I was floored by the growth in his talent - I literally didn't recognize it as coming from the same artist whose work I'd seen a few years earlier. My E-mails of admiration led to our picture exchange, his half of which is below (mine can be found here.) If you want to see more of Foxx's work visit his website. (WARNING: contains mature content; visit at your own risk - and underage STAY AWAY!)
Street Fighter
This aspiring martial artist fell under the spell of a mysterious, beautiful trainer who assured him that the bandages she was every-so-carefully wrapping around his wrists and ankles would imbue him with the power of the 'Mighty Stallion Kick' ... but where did that bandage around his backside come from? And what's growing out of it?

Eala Dubh
Eala (one of the masters of transformation art) and I set out to do a TF sequence trade a whlie back. Of course, Eala finished his in record time while my sequence seemed to take forever to complete...
(And don't forget to read
Bob Stein's superstory based on Eala's pix !)
Bull TF Sequence
Dopey Donkey
Piggy Pig

Late in 1999, I started corresponding with Elwood after visiting his amazing Raccoon Page. (If anything, it's grown even more amazing in the years since. It turned out our TF interests were amazingly similar; we really hit it off and started exchanging art between us. (You can see the pix I did for him -- Two Friends - Whose Behind - and Caught -- in the Funhouse's Miscellania section.) "As Seen By Others" premiered with his pictures, including one that - two years since I first received it - I still think is the single best TF picture I have ever seen.
Oh boy...

"Don't Call Her 'Babe'"

Pigged Out

A Dance With Saurina
Big Pig (The Best TF Picture Ever?)
Mr. 100,000

One of the Funhouse's very, very first fans, "Mr. F" was kind enough to send me a few samples of his most impressive TF art along with permission to share it with you. You probably haven't seen his stuff before, so get ready - this guy is really good! He'd like to hear from you too, so just drop him an E-mail by clicking here.
A New Roo Examines His Shoe

The Emperor's New Feathers

The Funhouse is honored to present its very first animated transformation, courtesy of the above mentioned ursine.
Drop him a note
, too - if he's not hibernating, I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.

From Here to Halfway There

And here's some non-animated TF photo art from Mr. Bear:
He can't stop drinking that Bear Beer...
Stuck Snout

Oink! What's happening to my hand?"
Starting to feel like a jackass

A fan of the new "Szechuan Fire" Restaurant pavilion, 'Harethe' sent in this wonderful sketch
of the effect the restaurant has on one town it opens in. 'Harethe' prefers not to have his Email address published, but if you'd like to contact him, send me a message & I'll be glad to forward it onto him...
"The Szechuan Fire Comes to Cultus Creek

Lucius Appaloosius
Mr. Appaloosius first graced us with his dramaturgical effort Centaur Stage. Now he's returned with a jaw-dropping display of artwork to expand upon his previous effort. Are you ready for a nifty multi-panel story? Are you ready for color art? Are you ready for wacky TF humor? Are you ready for celebrity transformations?! You're not? Well too bad, because here they come anyway... (Don't miss his nifty writing efforts below, either!)

Okay, so it's not really a transformation picture, but since Lucius and I share an appreciation for Winsor McCay's Rarebit Fiend (see my version here), how could I resist?
Dream of the Oatmeal Fiend

In early July 2004 a historic meeting between Lucius and Comus took place in an undisclosed location in the great state of Connecticut; here's a pair of art jams that resulted from that rendevous:
Water Jam
Down Under Jam

Here's a pair of equine efforts from Provolvere, a great guy and a serious TF enthusiast. You can see lots more of his stuff at his website, or you can E-mail a note; tell him I said hi!
Horse Pills

(Provo coloring job makes a 3rd-rate Comus drawing look good!)


Four guys + 2 reptiles + 1 enchantress = TF's galore...
Get ready for a great guest story from a new Funhouse contributor:
Saurina’s Close-Up, Or How I Learned to Love the Bog

Drake Duck
A story from an old TF friend...
"The Skunk Transformation"

A first but fantastic prose effort from one of the Funhouse's biggest fans - in enthusiasm, not size, that is. In fact, Oliver's discarded his earlier desire to be turned into a pig and replaced it with a leonine dream...
"King For More Than A Day"
(now graced by a brand new Comus illustration!)

Just in time for the holidays: Watch out for jolly fat guys in red suits bearing enchanted harnessess...
"A Christmas TF Story"

Roy LeBay
Something about the Funhouse seems to inspire grade A+ fan stories. Here in its entirety is his delightfully written novel- (or at least novella-) length Funhouse story. Yes, it's (more than) a bit longer than your typical Funhouse story, but trust me -- it's worth reading every word. (And if you'd like to write him and let him know what you think of his work, I'm sure he wouldn't mind that either...)
"The Pooka Problem"

Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Lucius Appaloosius
Now it's time for something a trifle more elevated as the Funhouse enters the world of the lee-gitimate thee-ay-teer! Yes, it's the Funhouse's very first stageplay, in actual stageplay script format, courtesy of another new Funhouse author, the classically minded Mr. Appaloosius.
"Centaur Stage "
(And if you missed it, head back up on this page into the "Art" section for an assortment of Mr. Appaloosius's awe-inspiring artwork...)
Limericks by Lucius
Some new efforts from the Funhouse's very own classic master Bard of Transformation

Socks the Catt
Get ready to enjoy one of the best Funhouse fan stories - ever! Justin has travelled the world in hopes of finding the Funhouse, in order to fufill his feline dream. But now that he's there, will his only reward be a door slamming in his face?
Want to read more stories from Socks? Send him an E-mail and let him know.

"Circe's Housecat"
or, 'Software Patches'

"Patches' Diary "
Patches' Funhouse adventures continue - now as a key member of Circe's brain trust!

Finally - a Funhouse story for the whole family! It seems that transformation is the most natural thing in the world -- if you don't give it a second thought...

"Rocky Mountain High"
Circe is always on the lookout for new talent to join the Funhouse -- and Patches is only too glad to help! (Introducing a new Funhouse attraction -- The Big Cat Pavilion, courtesy of SocksCatt; thanks guy!

"Patches' Pal"
Who's that sleeping in my bed? Patches helps an unexpected (for both of them) arrival acclimate himself to the Funhouse; could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?


Odis Holcomb
Welcome a new Funhouse fan to this particular page! Odis contacted me recently to say hello and to let me know about a couple of Circe-centered stories he wrote - one after discovering the Funhouse, and a second written beforehand -- yet still perfectly in tune with the spirit of the place! Enjoy both, and/or visit his site by clicking here. Thanks Odis!
"The Water Park"
"Silver Creek"
(The above story and site links will take you outside the Funhouse, and will open in a new window atop this one...)


In addition to his superb art, "Mr. F" has also graced the Funhouse with a story about your typical fat 'n fatuous fanboy who's foolish enough to turn down Circe's offer of a lifetime...
"The Packrat "

Bob Stein
Bob - one of the Funhouse's first fans - was so inspired by Eala Dubh's transformation sequence
that he sat down and wrote a crackerjack story based on (and illustrated by) them; take a read....
"Summer Bovinox "

And here's a couples of things Bob did a long, long time ago for the Funhouse:
Pleasure Island Products
Circe's Funhouse Flyer

Daniel Fahl
One of the Funhouse's most enthusiastic (and spelling-inventive) fans! Read his stories, then E-mail him!
"The High-ena Hutch"
"The Perfume Factory"
"Big Bear Buffet"

"Lu Lu's Pines"
A very surprised camper visits a very surprising forest...

"Saurina's Bog of Delights"
That sultry southern swamp siren has her way with another unsuspecting visitor -- lucky guy!

"The Perfume Garden"
Mr. Airwick's origin, and the special hospitality he shows his visitors are nothing to sniff at...

Pig Out!

When Circe offers you a plateful of irresistible fudge cookies - go for it!

The Hotel Drake
A visit to this strange inn  will 'quack' you up...

Meet and greet those flashy, flirty,  femme fatale fillies at--
The Sexy Stable


'Axel's going 'round in circles - ah, but it'll be worth the trip... A TF epic from Axelroo!
The Roo-Go-Round


Going to the dogs? Straf is man's best friend to get you there! Drop him an Email and say arf!
Going to School

Party Animal
Canine Appreciation Day at the Funhouse

by E. Rouault
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Many moons ago The New York Times Sunday Magazine ran an article about a writer who underwent sex change (these days referred to as 'gender reassignment') surgery. An apparently incredulous reader was moved to respond in a manner that made it impossible for the Times not to run his/her letter, or for me to deny it inclusion within the Funhouse.

Lots of ideas for new Funhouse pavilions -- and I'll be adding a whole mess of them to this site - one of these days...

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