Madame Circe's

Canine Obedience Academy

Contrary to popular misconception involving swine, Circe particularly enjoys transforming men into just the right breed of dog, the one that encapsulates perfectly their personality and/or physique. After all, there are so many breeds to chose from, and so many men who are entranced by the slightest glimpse of Circe's unearthly beauty, that it is no work at all -- why, they all but turn themselves into dogs in their eager desire to become her loyal, obedient pets…

How Piquant...
Doesn't He Realize?
In The DogHouse!
Not Worried About His Friend Anymore
It's Beginning to Dawn on Him
Totally Confused

"...follow her anywhere..."
I Just ... Barked! (Another Victim)
Good Dog! (or, The Return of Wilby Daniels)
Meanwhile, Up in Alaska...
As suggested by "Jeff" (Thanx!)

Hey, remember those guys who showed up looking for Teddy Bruno at "The Brewin' Bruin" (renamed "The Drunken Dog" in their honor)? Ever wonder what happened to them? Well, take a peek...
Gone to the Dogs

Dog TF Stories By "Straf:"
Going to the dogs? Straf is man's best friend to get you there! Drop him an Email and say arf!
Going to School
Party Animal
Canine Appreciation Day at the Funhouse

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